Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A visit with Ruby

Annie has been quiet today. Audrey is feeling better but still has a mopey face. Maybe that is her face now. I watched as she tried to nurse from Annie tonight and Annie kicked her. I felt so bad but that's what has to happen. Let it all happen as it will. Audrey looked surprised and hurt and walked away. My heart just sank for her. I was just about to pick her up and coddle her when she discovered a ball and flew off to attack it. The resilience of cats is a lesson for us all.

I enjoyed seeing little Ruby today. My daughter's home is lovely and Ruby is 'right at home' there. She already likes to hide out in all her favorite places. I'd know those paws anywhere.
We had some fun.

She is so sweet and growing into quite the beauty. She is confident and already knows how to work it.

I'm thinking about the Christmas table now and how to decorate it. I love Christmas trees and plan to have small ones on the table.

Place-card holders

 We are a smaller group than usual this year for the dinner.
We have snow again and I think it might stay this time.

hugs, Deb