Sunday, December 18, 2011

winter sun worshipers

 The ferals are fed extra food now that it is cold. I feed them every night but I don't see them anymore. I caught a glimpse of one a few weeks back but Jack,  who I named,  (the one that I saw every night for awhile) is never there when I arrive. I pray he's ok. Today, after the snowfall, I could see their tracks. They are definitely cat tracks and they head back to the bush. They have the winter ahead and hopefully it will be a mild one.

I'll be wrapping more and watching old Christmas movies tonight.  I wish I'd seen the train that hit me. Still feel the effects, that's for sure.
I'm surrounded by good company today. My beautiful sun-worshipers make resting an art. If I could just get them all up to help dust their favorite spot.
Another Christmas with Mr. Ed. How thankful we are for that.

I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.

Annie & Audrey are inseparable.
The little lion
If Audrey doesn't see her, she goes looking. They play together like two kittens. There have been no takers for Audrey through the shelter website and I have had one offer of a good home for her but she was not ready and still needs time. You can see by her eyes she is not 100% but she's doing well. Unfortunately, the longer they are together the harder it is to separate them. We'll just carry on and perhaps someone will want them both. Time will tell.

back to wrappin' & fillin' candy jars (yum...)

I've been saving these jars for something good. Classico Sauce Mason Jars are perfect for displaying Christmas candies. 

hugs, Deb


  1. My hope for Christmas is that Annie and Audrey find a good home together. And that the ferals stay safe all winter! And I'm so glad Mr. Ed has another Christmas with you!

  2. How crushing to think of Annie and Audrey separated! Actually, after reading of the possibility, I had to close the blog for a bit. I was so saddened at the thought. There has to be a wonderful family somewhere who will want them! We will pray and pray for their family to come forward. The irony is this. A lovely lady at our drug store, who lost the last of her beloved cats at age 20, said she hoped to adopt 2 cats who were pair bonded!
    Have you thought of having the shelter post A&A as a bonded pair?
    We are thrilled to see Ed. Goodness, we love that little man!

  3. I am so glad Mr Ed is doing well and with you for another Christmas. I am praying that Annie and Audrey stay would break my heart to separate them at this time...sad! Still there is joy the they are with you for now. I hope you feel better soon! The sun is out today and I'm finding a sunny warm spot with Charlie by my side. hugs, Linda

  4. My sun worshippers are busy today too!
    Have you seen Charlie in the window when you walk by my house. He is enjoying the big window!!
    Love Audrey's wee lion face.

  5. No sun here...but rain is something to celebrate in my neck of the woods! I suggest a nap on the sofa with your furry hedonists to help you feel better.