Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a few of my charges and why I must hike

"You may never see her. She will hide in her crawl-space if she is scared. Don't worry, she'll still eat and use her box, though."
See the hole in the floor. That is where this cat hides whenever someone comes into the home.
As you can see, she's not hiding.
 Hmmmm....I never like to hear that I probably won't see the cat the whole time I am caring for it but I would never refuse a cat because it is scared of strangers. So, off I went to pick up the key and meet Jetta and within a few minutes of talking to her she approached my hand and let me pet her. I'm pretty sure I even heard a "prrrt".  She walked toward the crawl-space but changed her mind. I even got to say "good-bye" to her. End of story. I love this cat, Jetta.
We are friends now.
This photo is blurry because Sammy never stands still. He is a new client who is a senior and my 2 days caring for him was just the sweetest ever. He is such a little doll and would paw me for me to keep petting him. "Hope I see you again, Sammy"
Off to see Bailey and Winston in Almonte. 2 big boys who were shamelessly friendly.

"Just a bit more to the left, cat-sitter"

Beautiful Bali, how I have missed seeing you. You and your strikingly, glorious coat.

Then off to the river I go
to visit with Maggie

and the big bully, Calaus who's picture I took outside last summer. He likes to roam the neighbourhood and yes, he is a bit of a bully but with me he was like a kitten. I guess he knows not to bite the hand that feeds him.

and Lola
and Otis
and Rosie
who are like my own because I have cared for them for so many years. Christmas wouldn't be the same without spending a few days with these three scalliwags.

So that's a few of my charges this Christmas. I'll be showing more as the week goes. Today the family is off to a pancake house in the area for brunch. We are hoping to get in a hike after since we are all suffering from sugar over-load and heartburn. Awwww.....Christmas.

hugs, Deb


  1. Every blog i read from you touches me .So much love for all that sweet cats

  2. Merry Christmas Deb!
    You always catch such sweet poses...
    Love your little furry friends eyes...beautiful.
    Christmas love to you...
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Cats always know a friend!
    Happy Christmas!

  4. Hi Deb! oh, what a bunch of pretty kitties! Your job must be so much fun! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  5. Deb I always enjoy see your furry clients! So many cute cats. Enjoy your day and yes sooo much sugar and not done yet! Yikes! hugs, Linda

  6. Goodness, so many pretty kitties!! I want to take Jetta and Rosie home with me!!

  7. Obviously Jetta knows she is in good hands! She's beautiful!

    Is that your new bracelet? Pretty!

    xo Catherine