Sunday, December 4, 2011

I guess size matters

Gosh, I do hate to disturb Sierra but I needed the table for the ornaments.

We found a tree that fit just right on an old antique table that we love.

Lights were put on last night and today I decorated. Of course, first there was the Christmas music and the hot chocolate to prepare. Gotta set the mood.

And there is always lots of help around here. Some prefer to just be the audience.

"That's the tree? You've just got to be kidding"

                                  "Hardly worth climbing"
"Ok  Sierra...I'll add twinkling lights."
If that's not good enough, so be it. I want to keep it simple and boy is it easy to decorate when it is sitting on a table. A piece of cake. Fruit cake, that is.
 I go for the traditional tree decorated with all the family memories.

My three favorite years...

& Allie

Now, we'll see which of the senior cats will bother to jump up onto a table. They are pretty lazy around here.

Hope you are having a great time decorating for Christmas. All our snow melted again. I will be happy to have it snow on Christmas day and that's that.

I'm off to cat-sit Buddy. His mom will be home today.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Your tree is so pretty! I get my fix looking at other folks trees...
    Give a hug to the indomitable Mr. Ed for me; I'm so glad he's doing so well.

  2. I love your tree and one on a table is perfect as we get older. Pretty lights! hugs, Linda

  3. Great pictures Deb. You are way ahead of our accomplishments.

  4. The tree looks great. Cats can be very hard on Christmas trees. We found a little gray kitten last weekend that looked almost like yours. Mr. did not want another cat in the house so we found a good home for it, although the kids were sad to say goodbye. I would have fought harder to keep it if it weren't eyeing up my big tree. I could imagine ornaments all over the floor.