Thursday, December 8, 2011

miniature candle holders

Who wouldn't love a little face like this?

                                                               3 month old Audrey

Many moons ago,  I was given these candle holders as a Christmas gift from a friend. I just loved them and still do. They are so little though that it was hard to find a place to display them. I think they have finally found a proper home in my new french cupboard.

These wooden kittens travelled all the way from Greece; a gift from my blogging friend Joan from Joan helps the unfortunate home-less cats feeding them daily and spaying when possible. She has a fund-raiser to help these cats. Please drop by and meet Joan.
Did you know that I always have help with the bed-making?
I have full-time staff here and she is always up for over-time.

hugs, Deb


  1. That Audrey is such a cutie! and so much help! Love your little french cupboard.

  2. Owww what a sweetie !!!...yous cat !!! your from

  3. Fun post. Love the mini-candle holders and the kitties from your friend. I laughed at your help ... and remembered that I have the same furry help. Right now one thinks the tree needs to redecorated and the other wishing the split soup was done!

  4. She is adorable! Love the pics of your family too. Beauftiful granddaughter.

  5. Deb, you are just such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for the mention again. I'm all the time on the run these days but I promise to come back -I'll have to catch up on all your stories. Audrey is growing to be such a beauty - will you really be able to let her go?!!? Your home looks so blessed.
    I'll be back,
    Much love from

  6. I love cupboard visiting, to see all the beautiful treasures inside, especially for the holidays.

    Yes,Audrey is really cuddly and very domestic, too. How can anyone resist a helper like her?


  7. I just couldn't imagine doing household tasks without a kitty (or many kitties) to help me! I love to be in the company of cats no matter what I'm doing.

    Poor little Audrey. This is is what needs to happen but is so heartbreaking. Thank goodness for toys.

  8. I have one of Joans sweet little wooden cats too! Aren't they sweet? Of course, that wee little gray face is adorable. Kiss on the nose for kitty!
    xo Catherine