Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let's celebrate and Yah! it snowed.

The sun is shining today and there is snow and frost everywhere. It really looks and feels much more like our December weather. We Canadians cannot accept a green Christmas. Snow is the icing on the Christmas cake.

We celebrated last night at my daughter's home. I have a few pics but spent most of the evening listening to the kids and enjoying the excitement of little Riley. Ruby was right in the middle of all the action and spent much of her time snoozin' on laps.

Allie enjoying those home-made salads again. Brittany brought an amazing brocolli salad.
Riley looking at Ruby's tree. (yep, she has her own tree)

I'm still under the weather but feeling better. A 24 hour flu, I suppose.
Annie and Audrey are improving day to day so I think we are on the road to recovery. If we are, for them it was a bacterial infection all along.

We drove home in a snow storm from Jess's but happy to see the white stuff.

                   "Happy Christmas from Jess & Mike's home"
(Hey Jon, we're over here) hee! hee!
hugs, Deb


  1. Here is too hot! Is summer!
    Enjoy the winter and the snow!!!!
    Auntie Marilia

  2. HURRAH for snow...I guess! I'm happy you enjoy it!
    Good to hear you and the kitties are improving. There's a nasty virus going around here, too--just in time for the holidays.

  3. Merry Christmas Fellow Canadian Blogger! I can't believe we still have hardy a touch of snow in Saskatchewan. Hopefully we get some this week too! Blessing to you & your Family at this magical time of year.


  4. oh I am glad to hear that your sweet babies are improving daily..and I hope you are as well..have a great weekend..and glad you had a great time and got your snow..I don't think we are getting a white christmas this year..;(

  5. I'm so glad you got snow. It's been 70 here in Atlanta and way too hot for me! Suppose to cool off some. That Riley is such a doll, and I know she is enjoying this Christmas! Ruby is a cutie and deserves her own tree...Charlie has one ya Hope you continue to feel better. You have such a lovely family. hugs, Linda

  6. Beautiful family and good news about Annie and Audrey! Little Ruby/Bree looks very happy with her forever home.

  7. Love the photo of "the retired guy", Riley and Ruby. That's definitely one for the family album.
    Look how much Riley loves that little tree. Bet she would love a little tree of her very own- with a train running under it- at Her Gran's house. ( two slaps to my mouth allowed)