Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good to be busy again

It's good to be busy cat-sitting again. Today was fun and I got to meet Sweet Pea & Smokey (pictures later).
I was near Balderson (a little town west of us) so dropped in to see what they had for Christmas shopping.
Lots of cute stuff but I only came home with a few stocking stuffers for the kids and this adorable white mitten ornament for our tree.

Do you send out cards? I think it is becoming a thing of the past but I still do it and enjoy receiving them. I tape ours to our kitchen door and add a few to the wicker wreath.
I love my little wood-land creature. I think I may collect them.
I'm still struggling with Audrey. She still seems 'not quite 100% to me'. I'm not fretting..just observing and being calm about it all. Miss Annie has tired herself out with all her warbling and is now sleeping in a heap on the bed like an exhausted hooker.
Oh well! 5 more days 'til she's spayed
Still trying to stay calm.

I have one more house to cat-sit at tonight. Her name is Jessie and she's a shy little thing. If she lets me I'll photograph her tomorrow. When I talked to her while she lay in her cat-bed her eyes were the size of saucers. I knew a camera in her face would send her into orbit.
I just talked to her and patted her back. No sense in trying to rush a cat into accepting you. It never works.
I treated myself to a new hot chocolate mug
My plan is to enjoy this and curl up on the couch and watch a Christmas movie.
Or, maybe Sierra has the right idea. 
after my morning rounds it's breakfast out with grandittle. Can't wait.
hugs, Deb


  1. I too love Christmas cards and have sent lots out this year. I've only received a couple but it's Ok, I enjoy sending them. I'm hoping everyone got a late start mailing them like I did. I love your new mug! Enjoy your hot chocolate and movie. I spent the evening with Tiger and got some good cuddling in. Hugs, Linda

  2. What a lovely post Deb.....wonderful tree and your sweet cat....,nice mug too !! from

  3. Poor sweet Audrey! Does your vet know she is still not feeling well. There was a problem with my mum's cat once when was flying with her. He was given the wrong dose of a medication. We'll keep Audrey in our prayers.
    Little Jessie will come around. Between you , with your God given catrisma, and the wondrous cat bag, how could she resist. She'll fall under your spell sooner or later.
    Love to all during this wonderous season. Your house is so beautiful! O wish it was mine. By the way, Allie should be home any time now, yes?

  4. PPS. I LOVE cards. Haven't gotten even one yet this year!!!!
    I do, however, detest those obnoxious, generic Christmas letters, full of pomp, ego, and on so much bragging. Bleah!

  5. So many pretty Christmassy things!
    xo Catherine