Saturday, December 10, 2011

yogurt for tummies, Grandittle and gifts

Yogurt for cats
I have just purchased Greek plain yogurt to try on Audrey. I have read that the probiotics in live yogurt are good for digestion. One to three teaspoons daily can help with loose stool and tummy upset. I am still working on seeing better results in the litter-box with Audrey so this is the newest addition to her daily feeding. She is a happy, active, affectionate kitten with a very healthy appetite but her stool is not right. This is what I read on-line...

The normal acid balance in the intestines can change when the pancreas is overactive, allowing harmful bacteria to flourish.  This, in turn, can cause painful inflammation.  Giving your pet between one and three teaspoons of live-culture yogurt will help replenish the supply of beneficial bacteria and get the intestines back into balance.
Instead, you can give supplements containing Lactobacillus Acidophilus, the same organism that is in yogurt.  Make the following adjustments to the human dosage listed on the label: for pets weighing under 20 pounds, use one-fourth of the human dose; for pets 21 to 50 pounds, use one-half of the human dose; and for pets over 50 pounds, use the full human dose.  Keep in mind though that live-culture yogurt, which contains a small amount of acidophilus, while not harmful, is not an adequate source of probiotics for the average animal.

Here's my grandittle all dressed up waiting for company. She has grown so much and this Christmas will be so much fun with her. Can't wait to see the big, excited eyes. 
Presents are being wrapped little by little
and placed
very high up on top of the armoire
I wonder why?
Annie knows.

hugs, Deb


  1. I sure hope the yogurt works!

    My god-daughters birthday was yesterday... we (her Mom, step-dad, and moi) went to their (GD and her new hubby) apartment ... the first invite from them as a married couple. Then dinner out and back here to open presents and have cake. Both kitties are in heaven with balls we waded up from the gift wrap ... early Christmas!!!!

  2. That Riley is a stunner! I'm telling ya she is the cutest little one and getting so big! Oh my! I know yogurt helps my icky tummy get back to normal so I hope it helps Audrey. How is Annie? Looks like a busy weekend for you! hugs, Linda

  3. Good info to have. I missed your post below this one, so I'm very sorry for your loss.

  4. thanks for the tip on the kittys love sharing my yogurt..and your granddaughter is so is going to be fun this year..and I love your beautifully wrapped gifts..have a wonderful weekend and give all your furries a love for me.;)