Friday, December 16, 2011

Lucky Dutch & Shirley Temple

After a dinner of toast and coca-cola,  I felt like I had cheated death. I couldn't eat a thing during the day and slept along with the cats.  Whatever this was, it was short and nasty. I can't remember the last time I had the flu but I recognized it.
All our cats are curled up in their beds sleeping away the cold, rainy day. Annie and Audrey eat on the second floor where they also have a room where they sleep and I keep their boxes in there, separate from the others. I kept Audrey close by today and I do see some improvement in 36 hours. Annie is improving too but Audrey is my biggest concern. Her health seemed more in jeopardy.

I received an email today form Natalie at Knatolee's World asking if a fella by the name of Dutch had been a resident of the Lanark Animal Welfare Society, our local animal shelter. A friend of hers had adopted him and Natalie was pretty sure that he came from the area.
Sure enough, I knew this guy very well from my frequent visits to the shelter. He is one of those big teddy-bear cats (18 pounds of love) that you instantly fall in love with. I was so thrilled to see that he had been adopted and now is living with a loving family. The shelter is full of kittens right now and it is hard for the older cats to be noticed. The news on Dutch filled me with joy. "Good for you, Dutch. You deserve to have a happy, long and love-filled life."

Still playing around with Riley's surprise train under our table tree. She loves to ham it up in front of the camera now. She's our little 'Shirley Temple'.

Shirley Temple

A little video accompanied by annoying humming. "Sorry"

hugs, Deb


  1. Dutch has landed in kitty heaven. He will very loved and well taken care of in his new home. His new brother Hermann (kitty) is somewhat less than impressed but he'll adjust! :) I think it's amazing you've met Dutch, too. I am looking forward to meeting him myself soon, and I'll be sure to take pictures to share with you.

    Riley is so adorable!

  2. So glad you are feeling better. I hate being sick and this time of year it is really awful. So glad Annie and Audrey are showing improvement! Dutch looks like a great guy and I'm so happy he found a good home. Enjoy that Riley she is adorable with all those curls. hugs, Linda

  3. Shirley has NUTHIN on little Riley..whatta cutie...could SO be a model!!! Hope you feel better now. I had one of those quick and deadly's last week..too much to do to be sick!! Love the train and the family ornaments..very precious. I have some of those that are from missed loved ones that find a special place each season. Healing hugs and WAYTA GO DUTCH!!! Sue and HAIRBALL HACKING Rosie ;(!!

  4. Your Grand-daughter is Absolutely Adorable and soooo photogenic :)
    We are furry happy to hear that Dutch has his Furefur Home. And we hope you find the answer to Annie & Audrey's problems.... ?
    Love the video :)
    Hope you and all those you love have a Wonderful Christmas ^..^

  5. Yes, Dutch is a welcome addition to our home.

    What a pleasant fellow and we are thrilled to have him.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Love your blog.

  6. So happy to hear of improvements with Annie and Audrey. We're continuing to pray for them. Can you give them our love, please? How are all of the other kitties doing?

    Hurrah for Dutch! We've got tears of joy in our eyes. We are always so happy when a cat finds his forever home. Where we live a cat is considered, by some rescues a senior at age 5! We've traditionally always adopted real seniors 17, 19, 21 because

  7. I told Dutch's new parents about your blog and I see they came to visit. :)

  8. The older kitties and dogs just steal my heart away. I know the kittens are probably going to someone. But I zoom in on the adults myself.

  9. Oh you poor girl! I hope you get feeling better soon!

    And you know your grand-girl is adorable! Sweet sweet!
    xo Catherine

  10. sure hope you are feeling better soon. Awful time of the year to be sick.

    Riley is growing up so fast! She is simply gorgeous!