Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tea and more tests

Our snow has all disappeared again. It is actually very mild for December. It's wonderful to have Allie back in Canada and although she does not live at home anymore, we will be together this week and hear more about her travels and adventures in South America.  Tonight I will sleep like a baby.
I'm playing with dishes again.
and although I don't use my mothers' tea-cups too often, I like to display them at Christmas.
She was a real pro at tea-drinking. The pot itself had to be heated, it must steep for 5 minutes, pour tea before adding milk (she took hers black) and never, I mean never, put soap in the tea-pot to clean it. Her and her mother always said it changed the taste of the tea. Just scalding hot water and a little lemon to rinse the pot was good enough.
So I don't.
oh yes, and she believed that a cup of tea needed a cookie.

I need to tell you about my fostered cats...
Annie's surgery for her spay has been post-poned. I am taking her and Audrey in to the vet tomorrow to be observed. The shelter has given me the go-ahead because we are all at a loss as to why these 2 cats and Ruby (just heard from Jess) have blood in their loose stool. They are eating well, playing like lunatics, sleeping normally, look fine but something is not right. On top of the poop issues, I noticed tonight that Annie is losing hair on the back of her legs. They have been de-wormed 'til the cows come home, stool samples put under the microscope with no parasites found, taken off grain with no lasting change and now I am adding yogurt to their soft food to help with any stomach bacteria that may be there. Today, same results in the litter box. So off they go for the day to the vet clinic. I'm completely baffled about this. I will be contacting Nigel's owner tomorrow to see how that little guy is doing.

Please send out some good thoughts for this little family.

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, I truly hope that the test results come back ok. I'll be praying for them..Hugs, Jean

  2. Bug was put on Panacare (Panacure is the dewormer) to help firm up her stools.. She lost the fur on the back of her legs too now that you mention that. But I just assumed it was from her (and the staff) cleaning her from the diarrhea leaking out of her..

  3. I am praying for Annie and the kittens. I hope they can find out what is wrong with them.
    hugs, Linda

  4. Wonder if the they have food allergies and it has not yet been discovered exactly what they are allergic to yet. The will be in our prayers untill they are all well. We beg God to bless this little family.

    My gran had a proper Brown Betty ( not like the flimsey ones they make today) and she never used soap to clean it. That pot made the best tea ever; each cup a perfect delight. We all used it. When my grandmother passed, it was the only thing of hers that I asked for but a greedy relative took it. Bet the relative has used soap on it too. Hope all of her tea tastes "off".

  5. So sorry to hear the little ones are still have troubles. I keep praying for them.

    When Theo had chronic troubles with his poops that stumped our vet for quite some time she referred us to a GI specialist at the local vet speciality center, would something like that be an option, to take them to a specialist?

  6. I'm glad your baby is at home safe and sound! It is a good feeling indeed. I love all your pretty tea cups. Such a delight!

    Sending good thoughts for the sweet kitties Deb!
    xo Catherine

  7. Hope they are all feeling better soon, Deb!

  8. Good Morning Deb,
    I love your Mom's tea cups..I bet they bring back happy memories for you. My Nana (who raised me) was from England and she and my Grandpa drank tea every day (I hated the stuff). She also used to pour boiling water into her tea pot and let it sit to warm before making her tea. No cream for either of them or sugar. I like my herb for me ;) That's a shame about your kitties having problems...I hope the vet figures it out soon before something serious shows up. Good luck with that...I'll be thinking about you and watching to see what they find. I hope you have a wonderful day...I think I'm going to bake's dull and rainy. It's either that or take a nap ;)
    Maura :)