Tuesday, December 27, 2011

snow at the sugar shack.

Dec. 27th and I want to take down all the decorations and bid adieu to another Christmas. Once it's over I am back to wanting less around me. Back to purging all that I don't want or need. That includes weight, too. This  is the year to 'clean house'.

But before putting Christmas behind us, the family and I took off to a local pancake house for brunch today.

Hot coffee and hot pancakes were plentiful. I'm tired of the holiday food and ready for something different. I know....CALORIES..but there are trails to hike on in the bush so with all the sugar-overload and heart-burn it sounded like a great idea. The trails were packed with snow and the temperature was mild. Perfect day.

We decided on a 3km trail after breakfast and took off with Kane. Kane always leads because he is a herding dog, after-all.
He may be going on 12 but he is like a puppy when he gets out in the snow in the bush.

Riley had the best seat and a huge smile on her face 'til she conked out.
I had some great subjects for a few photo opportunities.

Seeing I had little time for pics at the Christmas dinner I grabbed the opportunity to have a 2011 family photo taken.'s a little crooked but I like it. The blue pipes behind us are used when the trees are tapped in the spring for sap that is then boiled and made into maple syrup.
Jon, Allie, Jess, Mike, Riley, Brit, John, me, the retired-guy & Kane. 

My favorite photos are out-door ones and this turned out to be another wonderful memory. See my little blonde baby...I'm so glad she's home now. She's just returned from an 11 week tour of South America.

A sweet little girl woke up just in time to give us all a kiss goodbye.
"Bye Riley, see ya later"
After our outing I had houses to visit for cat-sitting so off to Almonte and then a few in our town. Tonight I am vegging-out along with many of you, I'm sure. It was a fun Christmas once again and now I look forward to an easier pace and visiting with some of my kitty clients who will be home-alone a few more days.
I'll have lots of pictures of kitties to show you by the end of the week.
Have a great night, everyone. It is snowing here right now and the flakes are the big, fluffy ones. :-) I just want to show you one of my favorite pics from last year of my kitty-client, Josephine. She is the queen of her residence and was very accommodating when asked to sit nice for a photo.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love those family pics in the snow. Such great memories! hugs, Linda

  2. These photos are incredible, as is your handsome family! Love those -- so pretty in the snow! And the excursion sounds like a wonderful Christmas memory for the whole family! Sounds like you had a holly jolly season! So, I now send you wishes for a wonderful new year!

  3. yuuuummm pancakes..sounds yummy.and then a nice walk in the woods after..great photos..and I love Josephine..she looks like my Pody she a maine coon? mine the long whiskers and those eyes..have a great rest of your week.;)

  4. No snow in the southern parts of Sweden yet :(
    We want´s snow NOW !!!
    Lovely pictures om you and your family out in the snow !!