Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Less stress, please

I moped around after dropping off these precious cats to the vet clinic. They were scared but they were together. Here's what I told the vet staff:
1.They are happy, playful, enjoy their food and purr when petted. They love to chase each other and disembowel all toy mice.

2. Annie and Audrey sleep together. Audrey still tries to nurse once in awhile. She usually gets a swat from mom.

3. When either one of them uses the litter box it is not solid. Audrey sometimes has blood in hers. When she poops she cries loudly sometimes, not always. She goes from one box to another crying before she settles in one. Sometimes her poop is runny. Annie's tummy rumbles at times like it is full of gas.

4. I had them on Performatrin kitten dry first. The mom started with Eagle Pack Holistic Select chicken moist food. When the kittens were ready to eat moist food I put them on Performatrin kitten soft. Everyone had loose poop but I put that down to being teenie and nursing.

5. It was suggested by the vet because of Annie's runny stools that she be de-wormed again and change food to no-grain. So, test came back clear of parasites and she started on only dry. No difference to speak of. I now have them back on soft food. Audrey just had her booster and another de-worming last week. She was down for 5 days. Eating but no play and warm. Loose poops and blood. She perked up on day 5 and plays like a lunatic now and eats fine, drinks water and I have added plain yogurt to their soft food for help in any stomach bacteria. This morning, loose poop, a little blood.

Needlesstosay, I had to have them observed by the professionals.

Here's what the vet tells me... They now suspect bacterial infection and have put them on antibiotics for a week. Annie was given a Vitamin B shot and her hair-loss on her legs is due to over-grooming and that is stress so they think her going in and out of heat is adding to this problem. While Audrey was at the clinic she had a bowel movement so they were able to agree with my findings.
They are stumped really. Not sure if this is only a bacterial infection but one of the techs mentioned that a lot of kittens from shelters are coming in with this.

So, another week of observation and let's hope the meds will do the trick. I want these girls better and I want less stress at Christmas. And that's that!

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm sorry to hear the kitties are still having troubles, Has the vet ruled out Giardia and Tritrichomonas Foetus? Some of these little organisms can be very hard to diagnosis.

    Glad they are being cared for so well. You have a very kind heart.

  2. Purrs to these sweeties and paws crossed for them. Wonder what it is, especially since other kittens seem to have the same thing. Hope you get a diagnosis!

  3. It's so sad when the furbabies are having problems. Annie and Audrey are such sweeties. You are so wonderful to care for them. Lucky little girls.

  4. I hope they can figure this out. Is Ruby having the same problems? These sweet kittys are in my prayers and you too Deb. hugs, Linda

  5. Oh poor babies. I hope you will find out what is causing problem. I hope they will get well soon.

  6. you are such a good mommy to these beautiful little ones..I hope the antioboitics work for these two,;)

  7. I too hope the vet can figure out what's causing the problem with your girls, I do know that colitis is quite common in the cat population from mild to severe cases, we used to see it quite often in the clinic.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for an answer, and yes, less stress !!

  8. Both my kitties adopted from a shelter came home infected with Colstridium bacteria. They ate well, played fine, no vomitting but had runny poop with blood in it. We de-wormed numerous times, changed food numberous times, sent many samples away for testing until a different lab tested a sample and it came back positive for Clostridium. We also tested for Tritrichomonus Foetus.

    We did 10 days on metronidazole and they have been fine every since, although it took us 8 months to figure out what was going on!

    Hopefully the antibiotics will help Annie and Audrey. They are adorable! They are blessed to have you caring for them!

  9. over from Hilary's because you said something about cat issues ... being an animal lover and the mama of a sweet cat recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease .. I came over to see if I could help .. hugs is the best medicine so I am sending some ..

  10. Poor kitties!!! I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and do the trick.