Monday, December 19, 2011

Call me the Christmas cat-nanny (really, I don't mind)

This photo was taken 17 years ago. It was my first Christmas cat-sitting and I was just beginning to build up a little business. At that time it was called Comfy Cats Petsitting Service.
My first client was Mookie and I will never forget this wonderful cat. He was a kitty client of mine for 12 years until he died at the age of 20. I can still feel his little head against mine as he gave me a kitty head-butt when I would arrive. He was a gem of a cat and his owners were wonderful people. I cried when he left us. It was like losing one of my own.

Now, 17 years later,  I changed the name to Just Cats Cat-sitting Service and I have over 100 homes where I periodically cat-sit. This Christmas will be another joyful experience getting to know many new cats and enjoying the company of my regulars.

We are now into the home-stretch so I will make my list and check it twice, stuff the cat-bag and add little red mice, pick up some cat treats shaped like bugs & prepare myself for kitty hugs.

Let the Christmas cat-sitting madness begin.=^..^=

I won't be posting this week but will pop in to visit all of you. Have a fun week preparing for Christmas and be sure to keep your pets safe throughout the holidays. I'll introduce you to some of my new friends soon.

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, you are so the perfect person for your job! Glad you doing what breathes life into your soul! I'm sure the kitties like you doing what you doin too!

    Merry Christmas to you and the retired guy!

  2. Have a great week Deb, we bet all of the people you cat sit for are grateful to have their furkids so well looked after and loved.

    Have a lovely Christmas with all of your family.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. Happy Christmas to you and yours, and I hope you have a wonderful 2012.

  4. Thank you so much for the sweet Christmas card Deb! So cute!

    Have fun visiting and spoiling all your kitty clients over the holiday season.

    Wishing you and your family and all your furry babies a wonderful beautiful Christmas and New Year!

    Big hugs,
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  5. Lucky says "thanks" for including her in your collage! We will be missing our G this year.He was always up for a taste of turkey from the counter. =^..^=
    Merry Christmas to your house!
    PS I will be talking to you soon as I think my trips to Alberta will be starting very soon in the new year!!

  6. Lucky kitties to have you as a sitter and I know how much you love them all. Wishing you and your family the best Christmas. Big hugs to you from
    Linda and Charlie

  7. What a kind hearted friend you are to all those lovely cats. Sending you ooodles of Christmas blessing dear one. xoxox

  8. Thank you for sharing all of the sit-ee kitties, your kitties and your family with us throughout the year. Have a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year. All of our love to you and yours. Kari, Gran and all of the cats.

  9. Merry Christmas and a blessed 2012 to you, your family, and all your fur babies.

    Melanie & her 3 kitties (Zippo, Clementine, & Monkey)

  10. Deb, you are so obviously born for this job! That top Christmas image is just precious. And thank God on behalf of all those kitties that gets to be looked after by you - I wish there were more people like you.
    Thank you for your loving words about Bessie - I feel your genuine thoughts Deb and it means so much to me. I have never heard of the B12 shot but will ask our vet about it. I desperately wish there was something I could do to ease her pain (it's agonising feeling her being in this much pain). I learn to relate to something new with each rescue and each cat.
    Have a great time with your lovely friends,

  11. I imagine you become attached to a lot of the cats that you take care of. Your first client was so pretty. After so many years it must have felt like he was at least part yours. I think it's a wonderful service you provide for the cats and their owners.

    Merry Christmas

  12. Hi Deb,
    I am so happy that you stopped by to have tea and a visit with me at the cottage. I just love all your furry friends. It is great to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
    Miz Helen

  13. I loved seeing this post. I'm sure your many clients love you to pieces. Thanks so much for your warm visits this year. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  14. I want to wish you, yours and the purry ones =)
    a lovely Christmas
    I love reading your blog!