Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ginger bread & all is calm

For those who are concerned about  Annie & Audrey being separated, I thought I'd better make it clear that they will not be separated. They will be kept together and have a home with us until the right family come forward to adopt them.

So, after Audrey had shredded a roll of paper towel that she found in the cat room (now, that was fun!) she settled down for a long, winters' nap).
They are getting along fine with our 4 cats and they keep their distance from Kane. It is best that way. They join us on the main floor of the house all the time now. That little Christmas tree is a magnet for both of them. I'm sure Annie had never seen anything like it in her former home. Their health is improving daily and they have a love for each other that cannot be tampered with. It touches my heart to see the bond they have developed with each other.
                                         Unconditional love.
                  All is calm...all is bright!

Now, who's up for Ginger bread?

Doesn't this cake look scrumpdillyishus?
Before our family breakfast we will have this with coffee on Christmas morning.
and I know I'll have help baking it.
Hope she remembers to wear her hat.
hugs, Deb


  1. Oh Deb I am so glad to know those two will be together! That just warms my heart! When will Annie be spayed? I guess the vet is waiting until she is better. Love the look of that gingerbread...yum! My heart is singing! hugs, Linda

  2. Good news for the kitties!

    And yes. I'd like a piece, please, and add a nice little hunk of butter, too!


  3. How sweet that the wee family gets to stay together - wonderful! That gingerbread looks very yummy! And I am happy that kitty found some sun to enjoy below!
    xo Catherine

  4. They were obviously meant to be together for life. I commend you for all you do. Without you, the cats of the world would be lost! It is by watching people like you that makes my Christmas.

  5. be sure to add a few kitty hairs in to the gingerbread! special ingredient that makes everything taste better!

    Glad to hear Audrey and Annie are staying together. Now to find that forever home...

  6. So happy to hear the two cats will be kept together! The cat looks cute with the hat!

  7. Sweet photos of mom and daughter! We are also helping in the kitchen these days. All our favorites are out - butter, whipped cream, cream cheese.

    Have a great day!!


  8. oh I am glad to hear that the littlest ones are doing well and will not be seperated..the cake does look tasty and I love the last photo with the kitty chef..have a wonderful week;)

  9. Thank goodness! Now we can exhale! The little lion and her lovely mum will stay together. What a relief! A bonded pair may appeal to someone wanting two kitties. They are amazingly adorable, but you know that. Overjoyed and relieved to hear they are finally feeling better.
    Gingerbread here, please and make mine a large square! May I have tea instead?