Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a vet visit

I decided before going to the vet clinic with Annie & Audrey that I would do whatever it took to keep these two together. The shelter offered to take Annie there or I could give one or the other to another foster but I can't do that.   I don't suppose you can hear the YOWLING from where you are but my neighbours might. Annie is in full-fledge heat.The noise out of her curls your toes and sends a sharp shiver right up your spine clear through the top of your head. 3 of the senior cats are creeping around the house with bellies close to the floor wondering behind what door this monster lives. Ed is the only one merrily going about his day 'cause he is stone deaf. Lucky him. Kane is at the door with the leash hanging from his half open mouth.
Unfortunately, this noise will be with us for awhile.The dilemma is that Annie should be spayed but Audrey keeps nursing even though she really is completely weaned.
When a mother cat is nursing she can't be spayed (apparently) . I already have to wait for her to finish her heat before spaying but they want me to separate the cats so that Audrey stops nursing. Why does this have to be so freakin' difficult?  But it is.

So Audrey got her booster and a check-up. She is in good health but they de-wormed her again because she has that third eye business again and her poops are still too soft. Annie only had one duct with milk and the rest were dry.YAH!  That shows that Audrey has been nursing from the same spot every time. Funny how cats are. The kittens pick a spot and that becomes their own. So, I made an appt. for Annie to be spayed next week. Hopefully she will be out of heat for awhile. I am to keep Audrey from nursing but I think Annie may do this on her own. I noticed this morning that Audrey wanted to nurse but Annie wouldn't roll on her side. She just walked away. Great..that's what I want to see.

I expect Audrey will be quiet for the rest of the day after her booster. I feel much better about keeping them together in the same room. If I can adopt them out together that will be great. If not, at least they stayed together until Annie was spayed. I'll do my best. Meanwhile, we have turned up the Christmas music in the house to drown out our opera singer.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Oh, Deb. Bless you and your kitties! Opera singer!!!!! Oh, my!

  2. Oh my but I am so glad you are keeping them together for now. I remember when my cat Emily went in to heat sooner then I expected...oh that yowling is awful...poor Charlie kept looking at her like ...sorry no help here! I had her spayed as soon as I could after that. Whew. Hang in there and turn Michael Buble and James Taylor up high singing those Christmas songs. Hugs, Linda

  3. If you want to help, you can put a little citrus oil on that one teat that has milk. It will taste funny with out being harmful.

    I've had a few mother/daughter combos get adopted. I've even been lucky enough to find three homes for three different sets of triplets (one was a "they so need to go together" the other two were people couldn't leave one behind) I'm lucy the shelter I work with will allow me to do write ups to explain the bonds going on and that helps a lot.

  4. Oh, Deb...been there and it's not fun! Keep that music going! I do admire you for being so kind and trying to keep them together! Hope it all improves fast!...hugs...Debbie

  5. I sure hope everything works out for these two kitties. No fun having the yowling but hopefully the Christmas music turned up loud helps! :)
    xo Catherine

  6. Yowling? We've been there on several occasions and believe it or not, you CAN tune it out. Once you convince your motherly instincts that Annie is in no sort of distress of which you can be of aid, the screaming will fall into house background noise. The crying of any species arouses our mothering instincts and we go on red alert. Accept the normalcy of the noise and hopefully you will find some rest.

    Oh please, please let them be adopted together. They've bonded. They are all that they have.

  7. I had to come and see how Annie and Audrey were doing... they've been on my mind and in my prayer....and I am v. glad to hear your determination to doing all you can to keep them together.

    Had to chuckle about turning up the Christmas music to help with the current yowling going on...... it's good to hear what your other bloggers are saying about the situation.

    Wishing you a less stressed day for everyone....... peace peace....