Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A good night sleep fixes everything

I didn't walk the dog last night. I stayed back to keep an eye or two on Audrey.
Around 10 pm she woke up so I fed her and Annie some soft food and added warm water. You have to keep kittens hydrated when they feel low. She ate, she drank, she walked around. She had a mopey face and still felt very warm. She was shaking a bit. Her third eye was showing. I held her in my arm close to my neck . It's where she wanted to be. She fell back to sleep.
Ruby had this booster 2 weeks ago and her reaction to it was very mild in comparison.
This morning Audrey is back to her normal self. Wacky & wild. I never heard a peep from her all night.
She starts her day like me. Enjoying all your beautiful blogs.

I checked one more thing off the Christmas list today. Mailed a parcel to Mary in Toronto. We have been friends for 35 years.

The 'loaf cake' that I gave the recipe for yesterday can be made into muffins. 1/2 the batter goes into the muffin cup, then sprinkle some cinnamon sugar then add the top part of the batter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar on top.
 I packaged a few up and will bring them along to Jess's new house today. It is Mike's birthday so fresh muffins along with a birthday card will be welcomed, I'm sure. I'll say "hi" to Ruby for ya!

I have a full weekend of cat-sitting. Keys are being dropped off and besides my regulars I have 2 new cats to meet. Better fill the cat-bag again. I really must show you some of my new kitty clients.

hugs, Deb


  1. Wonder if you have any advice for me. A friend in Mtl. is bringing her 5.5 yr. old boy cat to stay with me for 3 wks. (They can't take him to Florida like they usually do for various reasons.) I have 3 females. My vet suggested I put Jack in his own room, with his own litter box and food. She said sometimes freaked out pets stop eating and it would be good to make sure he has his own space so he feels safe.
    Any words of wisdom from you?
    And happy your kitty is feeling better! A good night's sleep does marvels! My 12-yr-old Nutmeg has a tumor on her back and went for a needle biopsy yesterday -- results on Friday. Am hoping it's just a non-cancerous tumor!

  2. Your vet is right, Ronna. He should have his own space. You can do the sock with where you rub him down and throw the sock in the room with the others. Then rub them down with the other sock and throw that in with the new-comer. It helps them get used to each other's scent before they are introduced. Introduce them one at a time. Hope you kitty is ok.

  3. Oh yes, and also Ronna when you introduce them, if you do, be sure Richard is there to keep an eye on them too because a tif can break out very quickly. A water spray bottle may be good to keep close by. When you rub them down for the initial introduction, rub them where their scent glands are; under chin, under tail and around their face.

  4. Poor little sweetheart! Upsetting to think of our little Audrey feeling so ill. Luckily, rest was all that was needed.

    Can't wait to see the new kitty sitee's. We always love meeting new friends.
    Ruby pix! Squeeeeee!

  5. I love that picture of Audrey reading blogs...such a smart girl! Glad she is feeling is Annie or do a dare ask? This is a busy time for you I know. Look forward to pics of your clients! hugs, Linda

  6. Thanks Deb. Good advice. Since it's only 3 weeks it might be a good idea to just keep them separated. I had never heard of the sock thing before. Good idea!!