Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cookies and the calico cat

I was up too early this morning but at least I got all my kitties cared for before joining my son and his family for breakfast.

I have a fetish for cookie jars. I think they deserve a bow at Christmas.

I guess if you love tea, and I do, it only makes sense to love cookies. My favorite cookie jar was a little yellow VW Volkswagon that was a gift from my friend, Christine. A cat broke it. End of story.

My sister is a good baker and she does up a beautiful selection of cookies and squares for us every Christmas. I'll be showing them off and filling my jars. They really are scrumptious.

I would love to have a wooden nativity scene for under our tree. For now, I have this one under glass that was a gift from a friend. It's beautiful and it plays music as the snow falls.

Here's a little cat-trivia. Did you know there are 2 types of calico cats? One is called a vibrant calico and the other is called a pastel calico. The vibrant is dark orange, black and white. The pastel is peach, grey and white. Our Cali, who is 18 years old now,  is a pastel calico. Calico's are known for their 'catitude'.
She has the cutest, white knee-socks I have ever seen. Her attitude is outrageous and she has no time for other cats; will not eat with the riff-raff and attacks bare feet with the intent to destroy but we still love her.

hugs, Deb


  1. Well, I did not know that! I guess we have a vibrant Calico, her name is Claudette and she is crying for her kitty kibble this very minute. Me, I prefer the cookies and tea.

  2. I learned something new, I didn't know there were two types. Your girl sure is pretty.

    I collect nativity sets..... I love yours!!!!

  3. Beautiful calico, attitude and all! Your cookie jar looks nice and festive with the bow around it. And you're right, there's nothing better on a cold day than to take an afternoon break with a cuppa tea and a homemade cookie. :-)

  4. I have had only one Calico and she was the Queen of Catitude! I am hoping to bake cookies and make some candy this coming week. hugs, Linda

  5. Well, we learned something today! We didn't know that there were two types of calicos!

  6. I love the bow on your cookie jar...I just might have to borrow that idea. I love homemade cookies, too. How lucky you are to have someone bake you up a batch. Patty