Saturday, December 3, 2011

Office kitties and Ruby's tree

Every office needs a cat....and I have 2. Annie & Audrey love the office and spend all there time in there while I am on the computer. They sure are sweet company. Audrey is missing Ruby, there is no doubt about that. So, I am spending more time with her and hoping that she soon can fill her time with other fun things other than playing with her sister. Don't let anyone tell you that cat's don't miss each other. They do.

Annie is calm now but she spent a good part of the morning looking for Ruby. I can tell you that I sat with her before Ruby left and told her what was about to happen. Then I let her watch as I placed Ruby in the carrier and left the room. If you understand cats, the look she gave me at that time was very peaceful. She looked into my eyes and blinked 3 times, never losing eye contact. I think she knew. This morning she just had to be sure, I guess. It's all very upsetting for me because I am a big woos and I have had a few tears over this. I have to come to terms with the fact that if you help shelter cats this has to be the end result. Damn!

I have a little prism ball on this centre-piece and when the sun hits it it makes little bright dots in the room. I'm just waiting for one of the cats to notice.
I'm all done cat-sitting today ( my fav big white guy, Buddy) we go to the tree farm.
Did I tell you it is right across the road from my home? Yes, we can see it from our kitchen.

our daughter Jess & Mike came along to get their tree for their new home. They are good sports to pose for me.

Wait 'til Ruby sees this.
hugs, Deb


  1. Deb I don't know how you do it. I would be so attached to them it would be so hard to let them go. You do such a great thing fostering these sweet babies. I'm glad Annie is now OK and Audrey will hopefully find other things to play with...your computer? just kidding. hoping your tree hunt was a success. hugs, Linda

  2. oh little Ruby is one precious little girl..and yes they do feel pain and know when their pal or sibling leaves them..can't wait to see your tree all decked out,;)

  3. ALways hard to say good-bye, even when it's for a happy cause! I hope Annie and Audrey find their forever homes soon.

  4. At least Ruby is now your grandcat! :D :D

  5. Yes Cats do miss each other when one is missing. I've read about it over and over on various blogs. Poor babies, they just don't understand where the other one went. Love the new look of your blog. Very nice.

  6. Kitties sure miss each other. One of my boys is very sad when his brother is not home to visit the vet.

  7. Awww precious Ruby....that bottom photo just broke my heart. ((((hugs)))) to both of you

  8. Annie needed to be reassured that all would be well with her kitten. She looked for her again just to be sure that she was actually gone and she had not just momentarily lost her. You and Annie must feel very close to each other. Two mums, each with kits on their own but still checking , just to be sure. Poor little Audrey, now there is one.