Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A dogs' life and "farewell m'ladies"

I got a little later start to the day today. So did my walking buddy.
Some days you just get to sleep in.
Kane is going on 13 now so I try to make his life as comfortable as I can. Not that he has ever had a bad day in his life since we adopted him from a shelter over 11 years ago. He's pretty spoiled. He suffered from environmental allergies (ragweed) all summer and just now his coat is coming back in on his chest and tummy.

I am down to four cats now in my care and will fill my time with many projects half done around here.
It will soon pick up again as more people are booked to fly south.

It's a dogs' life.

Kane needs a good brushing so I'll get to that today. Kitties need nails clipped, too.
I am still purging cupboards, closets and drawers and that will continue until Spring.
"Surround yourself with only things you love"
I do believe it was Oprah that made this statement and it stuck in my head. At least I got something out of her show. 
Well...that's easier said than done but we can certainly give it a go.

I bid farewell to m'ladies' until next time.

I have always called these sisters (Emmi & Didi) 'the ladies' but now I must throw a Downton Abbey twist to it.
I'm so happy their owners love to travel.

off to cat-sit. Have a wonderful day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Cozy pictures and what a good proverb. I also start sorting * smile *.


  2. Classic tabby patterns and the view of a 'herringbone' tail always intrigue me!

  3. I love that quote, Deb! If only we could eliminate the things we DON'T love... like chores. LOL! You have beauty(ies) surrounding you! blessings ~ tanna

  4. What a lovely backside that Tabby has! Love the patterns. Was sorely tempted by a pastel of a tabby today while shopping. You know what William Morris said about not having anything in your house which is not beautiful ..... and useful. I try to stick to that. Spring coming, great time to clear clutter. Beautiful dog, looks very happy and trusting. Minerva x

  5. While all the kitties get my devotion, today I feel the need to wrap my arms around sweet Kane. Stay warm and safe.

  6. All so pretty and cute ! Oh I love Downton Abby lol ! My in laws took in a stray 6 month old Calico that was hanging around there home recently ,she is well and loving her forever home with a sister kitty and big sister dog . Her name is Lucky ! Have a good day !

  7. Hello Deb. Wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your posts in the past month or so since I discovered your blog. How I wish you didn't live so far away (I'm in Sydney, Australia) as I think you must be the best cat-sitter in the world! Our son or daughter have been able to look after our two when we've been away but I would love to have someone like you nearby in case they couldn't. Your photos of all the cats (and Kane of course!)are beautiful.

  8. They do look well loved! I am a Downton Abby fan also.


  9. I love that picture of Kane......what a beautiful pup.

  10. What a great set of friends. My Tinker won't come out for strangers, and our cat sitter has never seen him. And he's so handsome!

    1. I am working on one right now that hides on me. Baby steps...

  11. "Surround yourself with only things you love"
    You are a very lucky pawson, Deb

  12. I always enjoy a good closet and cupboard purging now and then! Hope you and all the furry friends are having a super week Deb!
    xo Catherine

  13. Kane is remarkably healthy for an oldster. What with Mr Ed and Lily, you seem to have a knack for keeping pets hale and fit. I hope Lily is doing well.