Saturday, January 12, 2013


   "I've always thought that if I was to adopt another cat I would name him Pierre."

"Good lord...Am I hearing right?"

"Last year, I found this beautiful lug bowl in a thrift shop to add to my ever-increasing dish collection."
"Wouldn't it make the cutest kitty dish for Pierre, the puddytat?"
Some of you are thinking..."NO...don't do it."

"I eat off a nameless yellow dish and suffer lack of attention greatly. Who is she kidding?"
 "Really, Audrey? Could this be why you feel the need to smack my face at 4am every single morning?
Jump from the dresser over the bed to the window sill then on to my head.
Shall we call the SPCA?"

"HA!..I already called them."
"You loser."

"Would a new bowl with your name on it for Valentine's Day change your mind?"


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hugs, Deb



  1. Poor, beleaguered, neglected puddy tat...Audrey, you are a spoiled thing!

    And rightly so.

  2. My Mom had a poodle named Pierre, I do not have fond memories of him. Audrey you are a little Diva aren't you!!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Miss Audrey is full of spunk today! (Or should I say all days.)

  4. She's getting in early practice for her Halloween scary look.

  5. LOL! Audrey -- you are a little spoiled .... !!!!!!

  6. Deb, PLEASE do not give my cats the idea of monogrammed bowls!
    Jane x

  7. Cute post . Love the looks lol ! Have a good day !

  8. What a lovely collection of blue and white porcelain you have! The cat looks a bit scary :-)

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  9. Neat story, I love your sense of humour!

  10. Audrey if I tryed to wake my mom-person up at 4am , I´m pretty sure I would been sold now :)

  11. Audrey you are definitely a character (and adorable!) and dare we say a TAD spoiled!! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. The many faces of Audrey!
    You totally need another cat. Bring on Pierre!

  13. Audrey should have a blog all to herself. Deb, you caught Audrey with the most amazing facial expressions. They are absolutely priceless.

  14. Audrey's facial expressions are just amazing! She has inner determination and dare I say, attitude! Fantastic photos!

  15. Love the pictures! And I think you need a "Pierre"!

  16. Well hello Pierre! My Sassy girl would love you!! I am so glad you decided to join in so we could see all of these great pictures and your posing!!

    Happy weekend!:-)

  17. Cheeky Miss Audrey. Pierre sounds like a great cat name, he sounds like he would be slim and calm and like to groom himself a lot.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  18. Did you ever think of doing childrens books using your cat photos? I think they would be a great success. Even if you didn't want to do them commercially, you could publish and bind them, and keep them at your house for when the little ones come for a visit. When the little ones are grown, they could inherit the books for their children. What a lovely way to remember their Gran and some very fine cats.

    1. Maybe that will be my next adventure. Great idea, Kari.

  19. Very funny!!! You captured his antics quite well!!!