Friday, January 11, 2013

Playful Annie & a little somethin' with tea

Of our 5 cats, Annie is the most playful,  paws-down.
(just so you know...she also has peach on her feet)
Every new toy is a delight in her eyes and she can run circles around her off-spring, Audrey.
She is only three years of age. She has blossomed into a beauty since coming to our home with her three babes from our local shelter. She was a weary, sad little waif when she arrived and it was then that I promised her she would always be safe and loved. Annie is a very special cat to me.

2924 Regional Road 29, Pakenham, Ontario

A meeting in Renfrew today had me worried about the drive as we were expecting to have freezing-rain. This is 'house-building' business that I will not bore you with but I did find a minute to pop into the Pakenham General Store (once again) to buy some home-made multi-grain bread, cheese buns, lemon poppy-seed cake and a banana loaf. You just never know when someone might stop in for tea and you MUST be prepared. ;-)

This photo is from an old magazine that I cut out years ago. I kept all my favorite photos in a scrap-book. I love it more every time I look at it.
I think I'll try to copy this.

hugs, Deb


  1. The kitty is the cuttest ever, looks like a great mate to play with...what is better then fresh baked bread yummy especially in weather like that wow, pretty though...Great cup collection, love the wide mouth one, soo cute..

  2. Annie's coloring is what I call 'blue tortie.'
    Never can have too many goodies to go with TEA!

  3. Ahh how sweet! I'm so glad that you rescued her and gave her and the babies a good home.


  4. Annie is a sweetie =)
    so glad she has a home now ♥
    Of all the winter weather, i dislike freezing rain the most.
    Safe traveling-'specially if you have all those baked goodies with you! =)

  5. Annie is so sweet ! Oh I love the store fronts can imagine how lovely they are inside ! Tea on of the best drinks in the house lol ! Have a good evening !

  6. Annie is adorable--she would have fun with my cats--who love to play!

  7. Annie looks a lot like my Fleur..and sounds as playful.
    Jane x

  8. Annie really has grown into a lovely girl! Love all those teacups on the shelf! Hugs, Linda

  9. Sweet and beautiful Annie! Glad you found the best person in the world to take care of you and your babies...go on playing a lot bonita!♥
    How pretty the shops windows are!! I wish I could share with you a piece of lemmon poppy-seed cake with cup of tea or a mate from Argentina!!
    Greets and loves

  10. Your own china hutch brings the magazine picture you love so much to life. The one in the magazine is just much more cluttered(I mean "cluttered" in the best sense of the word) in a lovely way. I love the way a picture is able to inspire us to dream about & then create our own version of something. The magazine picture is wonderful, but now you have the real thing right in your own dining room. There is nothing better than a simple dream come true.
    Annie has really come into her own since you took her in and helped her recover from a tough life and pregnancy. She has the most unusual coloring.I am surprised she likes to play because she always seems so serious when she looks into the camera. I don't blame her at all for having her fill of Audrey. A good mother cat knows when her mothering is done and her kitten should be independent of her. She is so fortunate to have met you. Now she will never be in a shelter, never have another litter of kittens and she will never ever have to live in the streets again. I love it when an underdog wins the fight.
    All of the goodies you took home from the bakery sound wonderful. I know they would not last beyond this weekend if I brought them to my home.
    Have a great weekend & find some time to relax.

  11. Love your cute Annie! Sounds like a wonderful bakery, I would be leaving there with handfuls. Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Because we see a lot of Audrey on your blog, I've always assumed that she was the most playful. Like another reader said, Annie looks like a serious cat in her photos. . She's having the delightful kittyhood now that she never had the chance to have before. I love to see her play!
    That cupboard photo! Makes the heart skip a beat, doesn't it?
    I want to move to where you live! It's gorgeous and the tea cakes sound yummy.

  13. Your Annie is adorable and I love the story of how she came to be in your family. She is so fortunate and so are you.

    What a cute town. Those goodies sound wonderful! I love the picture of the tea cups. Lovely!

  14. Annie is so cute! I love it when they are playful. She seems like a great addition to your family :)