Saturday, January 26, 2013

Robbie Burns dinner

Robbie Burns Day celebrated in style. My friend, cat-sitting client and fellow blogger, Susan & husband, Iain from Just Sayin' invited us for a delicious 'Scottish' dinner with all the trimmings.
Delicious home-made bread.
I could have eaten the loaf  :-o

                                                                 The Menu

Here's my name 'Deborah' in Gallic.
There were poems to be read...
Candles in tea-cups...loved that.
Look at that amazing meal. It was delicious.
'The retired-guy, Iain & John
me, Susan & Joyce

We enjoyed meeting Joyce & John who are long-time friends of Susan & Iain's. It was a great time and " are an amazing cook. Thanks again."
Quite a glow on. Is that the lighting or the whisky? For us, it was the first time celebrating Robbie Burns Day in-style. Drop over and meet Susan.
hugs, Deb


  1. The dinner sounds fantastic! Love seeing your name in Gaelic - how cool is that - I hope you have a marvelous weekend,

  2. Lovely photos . Glad to see you all had a nice time, WOW ! that dinner looks and sounds YUMMY ! Nice table setting ! My cousins are in Scotland and they can speak Gaelic . It is an interesting language and an ancient one as well ! Have a good evening !

  3. Thanks so much for taking time to visit my blog and leave a comment on my post about Victoria magazine. So many of us love this magazine!

    What a lovely dinner to be invited to and the dinner looks delicious. It's always fun to celebrate special days. :o)

    Ravenhill Cottage

  4. what a wonderful cerebration, beautiful photos and a wonderful menu

  5. Celebrating with good's what Robbie would have wrote about:-D

  6. A bonnie idea for celebrating Robert Burns birthday; friends enjoying good food and wine and reading poetry. And a wee dram, as well! (I am glad there was no haggis!)

  7. Nothing better than being with friends...

  8. Thank God, no haggis!! Looked like a great evening!

  9. What a wonderful gathering. So nice you could all be together for a lovely meal.

  10. I'll have to try a walnut oatcake sometime!