Monday, January 21, 2013

Tea with Annie

This tea-cup and saucer is Made in England, Bone china and #202/10
(center of the saucer)

I have one little black tea-cup that sits, unused, in my cabinet. It has little tiny bits of paint missing from the plate but it is too pretty to disregard. I love the one pink rose surrounded by smaller, fragile flowers. It has a beautiful white handle trimmed in gold.

I wanted to try a new tea today, licorice spice tea, and the black packet reminded me of this lonely little tea-cup and saucer that I have never used.
So today, it sits out on the cupboard and takes center-stage.
The tea is delicious. If you like black licorice,  you will like this tea.
When poured, it has a green tea look and smells of licorice root, fruit, cinnamon, orange peel & cloves. Of course, I added just a bit of honey.

My company today in the dining-room is Annie. She loves when we have 'quiet time' together. She sits so contented and loves the sound of my voice as I share the worries of the world with her. She is a very peaceful, calm kitty and she likes her surroundings to be the same. She did enjoy the family here on Sunday, though. She spent most of the day on Mike's lap, purring.
She is so happy to be an indoor cat. It is -20 at 4pm and that's not fit for man or beast.
My little 'Peach'.

I'm joining for Tea-time Tuesday & . for Tuesday Cuppa Tea
hugs, Deb


  1. LOVE the picture of the "little peach" in the window!
    Hoping you all stay warm, not quite as cold here in NY, i do believe supposed to go to 0 overnight.

  2. -20 degrees??? We don't think we've ever experienced temperatures that cold. Please stay warm.

  3. I love licorice spice tea! When my friend served me some for the first time she said that when you sip the tea it tastes one way, but when it's in your mouth for a few seconds it's like a little "party" goes on! And it really does feel like that.

  4. Black teacups are my favourites. I kept all four of my grandmother's. What an elegant guest you had for your teaparty!

  5. she is a little peach isn't she, she looks so happy she does not have to be outside in that weather, aren't we all glad of that..

  6. If - 20 degree happen here . I absolutely wanna be 100% indoor kitty !!! Brrrr

  7. Good morning, Annie =)
    You do look quietly happy and beaming purrs of contentment to be an indoor kitty ...
    I've tried the licorice spice tea-yum!!

  8. What a beautiful tea cup! Perfect for the licorice tea. Looks like Annie enjoys tea time, too. She's a honey.

  9. You don't see many black cups do you? I think they look beautifully dramatic.
    Stay warm.
    Jane x

  10. Annie has such a sweet and calm face and demeanor. Pretty black teacup. Not a fan of licorice so I would pass on this tea. Keep warm all of you!
    hugs, Linda

    ps...Toes is still at the Vets and is doing better but is running a little fever. they are doing more blood work today. we are so worried and miss him so much.

  11. I like your black teacup, Deb. I have only one myself and it was a gift from my brother when Hubby and I were first married which makes it very special! I LOVE black licorice! I always take a bagful on the plane with me when we fly. When I was expecting, a grocer here in the city always knew because Hubby and some friends of ours would visit the store regularly to buy me bags of licorice. LOL
    We are getting your temps tomorrow although it has been cold the past couple of days. The perks of living in Canada in the wintertime! Always love seeing your kitties. Have a wonderful day, my friend, and stay warm.


    1. That's funny, Sandi. I used to crave red licorice when I was expecting. I guess I just love it all. Thanks for dropping by.

  12. A lovely black teacup. They are striking and a nice contrast to other colors. Nice to meet Annie. She definitely needs to stay indoors. My cat is an indoor cat and is a lap lover. Thanks so much for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  13. Your china is beautiful! The tea sounds lovely. At our local health foods store yesterday they had samples of a strawberry & chocolate tea - it was very interesting! Good, but strange because it did taste so much like chocolate.

  14. That is so nice that you and little "Peach-Cake" were having such a serene time together today. I have think now and then of all she has gone through to get to these gentle days, giving birth in such horrid conditions not being the least. What a very hard thing for her to experience. But, you know, I think her expression is changing some. She looks happier and more at peace with each photo we see of her. How wonderful. And I love that she spent the time on Mike's lap! Awesome!
    I love the little black tea cup and glad that it had it's day, too. The tea sounds yummy!
    Lily, WA, USA

  15. Annie really is a peach, isn't she? Both in colour and demeanor. I talk to all of my cats but I do know that some carefully listen to every word and some just like the sound of a voice.
    Add me to the lovers of the black tea cup! What a treasure. Especially Perfect for a winters afternoon. The tea sounds delicious. I'll search for it here.
    Do you recall Callard and Bowsers black licorice toffee?
    It was heaven!

  16. You have some of the most beautiful tea cups...real collector's pieces. Rosie has been curled up in her "tree house" to stay warm, but at least we had some sun today. Stay warm, XOXO

  17. This teacup is beautiful... And Annie looks like a sweetie. My cats stayed in for three days because of the snow and at the end they couldn't wait for the snow to melt!


  18. I just adopted a stray cat from my neighborhood, She is so friendly , I was sure she belonged to someone.
    I ask neighbors all around and was told she hung around their house also.
    after seeing her sleep under a bush one snowy night I knew she was lost or kicked out of her previous home.
    Shirley , I named her is very happy in my house and doesn't want to go outside , she is very fat now
    I have feed her to much and trying to cut back on her feed. She was so hungry she wants to eat all the time. any advice how to feed her where she doesn't act starved?

  19. She is a cutie!

    Stay indoors... stay warm.