Thursday, January 24, 2013

Relief ahead and a cheap kitty toy

Sierra helped me cook tonight and we are both exhausted.

                                                 "My work is never done."
My little grand-son, Bradley ate his first solid food this week.
                            and he liked it.

Our weather is about to change again. Today will be the last of this deep-freeze (-30C) for awhile and the temperatures will start to rise. I know I'm supposed to love this cold stuff because I'm!, but I don't. As the weekend approaches, we will be in the + numbers again. Crazy weather we have.
I say, "Good riddance".

                      Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Cheap toy 
If your cats are bored, like mine are, and need a new toy to play with, take an empty toilet paper roll and close one end with a bit of tissue paper. Drop a few cat treats inside and close the other end with a bit of tissue paper, again. Give kitty a treat and then the toy. Most cats will rip the roll apart to get more of their favorite snack. You can do the same with cat-nip.

Stay warm...and drink tea.



  1. Ah finally at last a break for you guys...Canadian or not, anything - is just too darn cold.

    With warmer spring wishes....


  2. We were in the 30s for almost a week and that was too cold for me! I never thought I'd say..."bring back the rain." I always have scraps of material and make little squares of catnip toys for my spoiled kitty, but I like your idea of re-using paper tubes to keep them occupied. Spring is around the corner; I just know it, XOXO

  3. I'm drinking a mug of hot cinnamon spice tea right now =)
    Poor Sierra, you must be a terrible slave driver!!

  4. Purrfect photo of a completely wiped-out Sierra. Cats can exude such an attitude even when they are asleep!
    Bradley is adorable, and look at that clean bib...not for long, lol!
    Super idea for the toilet paper roll cat toy. I think bored kitties are worse than bored children!

  5. Wouldn't it be wonderful if humans were so easily amused with so little?

  6. Now this is an inspired idea! If you saw my post a few days ago about Lizzie's typical day, you'll know that on occasion she plays between naps. This would be a fun easy toy for her!

    And I have to tell you how much I love the photo of you with your orange/white guy on the sidebar. That's love.

  7. Great photos and always good with some help.


  8. Hi Deb. Looks like summer when you look out the window here, but really cold outside. Still no snow..Hope you and Sierra are rested up!..How fun when they eat their first solids..Happy Thursday..Judy

  9. Love the kitty toy idea. I'm going to try it. Should keep Mina happy! Stay warm.....

  10. thats such a great idea, such a beautiful baby, growing so fast, solid food already!

  11. adorable g-baby...and fur baby! great treat idea:)

  12. Sweetie pie baby boy, Deb. Good weather to stay in and drink Tea. It was not the Ottawa SPCA you rescued from last week, was it ... this was on kijiji

    1. Yes, we drove 2hours and 40 min to bring back 7 that we found homes for. We are going back up in February to bring back more.

  13. That kitty shot is just too cute. Clovis does not like toys of any kind. His favorite thing to do is sit outside and soak up a sunbeam which he did today. It was 62 degrees here.

  14. Boy, does little Bradley look happy!
    We hare having rain and cold weather in an area where we get very little rain and temperate weather.
    I'm enjoying some hot cider for a change. Lovely!

  15. Gosh - there is lots of cuteness over here! :D
    Hope your weather gets better. Mother Nature and her cold wind has been a constant here this week. :(
    xo Catherine

  16. Your grandson is such a sweetheart. My cats love to see me cooking..only thing they are tired is eating afterwards :)

  17. So, you didn't tell us what he thought of his first solid food. The favourite cat toy around here is a pipe cleaner. Maeve can't get enough of carrying a curled one around in her mouth.