Friday, January 4, 2013

Ain't over 'til the cat-lady sings

Finally, after a full morning of cat-sitting, I got the tree down and the ornaments put away. I don't care for this task. And then......

I was so excited to receive in the mailbox a gorgeous gift from California today . Judy,  from has gifted me with the most adorable Christmas garland. Tabby cats carrying Christmas Plum Pudding.
I saw one similar on her blog and remarked how cute it was and she so thoughtfully sent me an extra one she had. I am so thrilled to receive it. After putting the Christmas tree ornaments away I immediately hung the garland in the dining-room.

Oh my gosh, this is so adorable and vintage. Oooo...I love it.

 So....looks like Christmas is about to hang around our house for a few more days and that's that.
This is now one of my 'favorite' Christmas things. Thank you so much Judy.

I'm going to relax today and maybe try out one of my new teas that I got for Christmas.

 I'll give it a go and let you know if it's a keeper. Remember, always add honey. It's good for you.

"Audrey, quite pretending you're lame. We know better."
"I'm lame."

The temperatures here have risen, Hallelujah! We are around -3 today and it is bearable for walking dogs. I am so relieved for the ferals in the area, too. If you are caring for out-door cats this winter please drop over to for advice on building out-door houses.

Thanks again, Judy.

I'm joining A Favorite Thing at
hugs, Deb


  1. That banner is too cute Deb! I'm so glad Judy sent that to you! Try to stay warm!
    Hugs, Linda

  2. Oh my gosh that banner is just perfect for you!!!! I love it, it looks right at home in your home, take care,

  3. What a perfect gift for you! Love that Audrey.

  4. Audrey, you crack us up!
    The vintage looking cat garland is really lovely. We would make an exception and hang it up to admire too! Christmas is officiaally put away for this year over here.And the tree was so dry, needles were everywhere...what a mess! But it sure was pretty while it lasted!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. I have just dropped in and drooled over all the cats. They are so beautiful, all of them. What a perfect job you have. I think I would want to keep them all :)

  6. Lovely banner, I am purring about it.The other commentators are right, this is purrfect for you.

  7. A nice neighbor gave me the same garland this year for a gift! Aren't they wonderful?!

  8. I love the garland! Love it! And it couldn't look anyore perfect than on your cupboard.
    I want one...badly.
    Does our little Audrey want some babying? I volunteer!

  9. I've never seen such garland but I absolutely adore it. It looks beautiful. I'd love to have some.

    Great blog you have. I so enjoy all the cat photos and stories.

  10. What a sweet gesture from your friend! And, may I say, perfect for you!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  11. Oh that is so cute! I'll have to look for those for next year. My sisters and Mom would LOVE them!

  12. What a darling garland. Have a relaxing time with one of your new teas. I got some new varieties for my Keurig too.

  13. I wrote a comment and it disappeared POOF!

    Love your garland, what a dear and lovely surprise!

  14. Wow! That banner is too cute and perfect for someone who has a blog called "Just Cats" What a sweetheart for sending you this gorgeous vintage looking gift! Guess you'll be seeing plum pudding around your house for a long time!

  15. Oh, my Goodness, Deb. I really hadn't seen this particular post, only your thanks to me via e-mail. It looks so darling on your hutch, like it was made for it. I'm so glad you liked it and so glad I thought to send it to you. I'm enjoying everyone's comments to you. Since they mainly follow you, you might say that I got them through Victorian Trading Co. catalog. I've had them about 3 years but I see them every Christmas so they are still available. or call 1-800-800-6647 to order a catalog. Lots more beautiful things..Happy New Year to you..Judy

  16. Hi Deb, I can see why you went crazy over that banner. It is adorable. Your tea looks delicious too! I have never added honey to tea. I think I will try it. Nice to meet you. I am your newest follower. Have a great weekend!

  17. Hi Deb. I saw your cat garland on Claudia's blog so stopped over to meet you. I am signing up to follow you. Another pet lover and another Deb. Wow it is cold there. It was 61 here today (ohio) but that is rare. It has melted all of our snow. It will be cold again soon. Not as cold as what you have though.