Monday, January 14, 2013

Zoie, Penny & springing up the old cupboard

It didn't take long to have my cupboard back to my favorite of all looks, white dishes.
This is always the 'go to' look for me. I find it calming and I never get bored with it. A little touch of Spring helps to brighten it up.
This step-back cupboard has a bread-board, too.

The tiny tea-cups are for my grand-daughter, Riley.
Can you tell I'm anxious for spring? What a woos I am.

This morning, just like the last 11 mornings, I was greeted at the door of my kitty-client, Zoie's house with the gift of a bedraggled stuffed mouse. I presume it's a gift as she is the sweetest, most welcoming cat I have ever met. Her heart is as soft as the colours on her coat. She waits patiently as I take off my boots and then carry her in to the kitchen where her friend, Penny waits. Penny is not to be picked up. Penny just wants her breakfast.

Zoie is a Pastel Calico (or Dilute Calico) and Penny is a Vibrant Calico.
Zoie is quite the poser.
I hope to see these two gals again. They were wonderful cats to care for and they will be happy to have their people back home where they belong. They were very sweet to their care-giver even though cats really don't like change and expect their family to be around when they want them.

"I wish you not only good health & happiness, Zoie & Penny; I wish you a very long and wonderful life. I hope our paths will cross again."

I'm joining Make It Pretty Monday at & Sandi at for Tea-time Tuesday.

hugs, Deb


  1. I loooove the all white look! And that bread board - amazing!

    Zoie and Penny are so cute and sound like great kitty clients :)

  2. They are both so pretty! I love a sweet calico!

  3. I love the cupboard and the bread board makes it so special! Enjoy your week! Hope you get some nice sunshine to warm you!

  4. Hello Deb,
    your cup board looks nice - but I love your sweet kitties more. Such beautiful cats, I hope you get them for the next holidays back.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. Hi Deb! Oh, I love the looks of your cupboard and the way you've put it together. Love the bread board too. You always show us lovely little kitties.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. What pretty kitties, I am sure they will be glad to have their family back home.

    Miss Pops is a lot like Penny, she does not want you to pick her up, she is happy on the ground thank you very much.

    Julie and poppy Q

  7. Two pretty cats with distinct purrsonalities of their own. So fun to find out what they are all about!

    Your cupboard looks lovely- LP is a big fan of white dishes as well.
    Today, LP is 50 year old! She is VERY old now. :P

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Everything you do with that cupboard looks great. I did love the coloured china for the dull winter's days.
    Adore the breadboard! I just saw a faux loaf of bread in the Thrift shop today! I think, now, I'm going to go back and get it.
    What would the world be without kitties, I ask you?
    It's even more wonderful when they are nice but I love them all.

  9. Your dish dresser is beautiful. I like the pull out breadboard. You have a lovely collection of teapots and cups. I think I'm getting anxious for spring here in NB but it will be a while yet.

  10. Your cupboard is really lovely. I always enjoy seeing your cats, and the cats you sit for. Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

  11. What a pretty cupboard! I love the way you have arranged it with all the whites and the loaf of bread! Darling tiny tea cups for your granddaughter!

  12. Pretty calicos! Ronna would be pleased. :)

  13. We continue to say you are the best kitty sitter!

  14. Zoie sounds very much like Maggie, our dilute Calico ... except for the picking up part of your story. Maggie has always greeted visitors, insisting on attention and adoration. She would make a wonderful shop cat, if I had a shop.

    I always love meeting your cat-sitting cats!

  15. Hi Deb,
    LOVE your white hutch filled with white china! So pleasing to the eye. I like that it has a bread board built in too; nice!
    Those kitties are so cute and I'm sure they enjoyed your company. You have a fun job. I'm so anxious for Spring to come now that the holidays are behind us. Thanks for coming tea.


  16. Love all your whites! Kitties are cute! Have a wonderful week!
    sandy :)