Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sun-puddles and Helma

 I feel like we are being held hostage in our homes. The sun shone today but it is still bitterly cold. Of course, I do venture out because I have places to be but the wind was so strong it made today feel colder than yesterday.  The weather will be changing soon, though. 
Sierra is a sun-seeker and follows the sun-puddles around the house all day.

She has not been outside for weeks now and the mail-man must miss her waiting on the bench for him.
But, it's too cold to wait for anyone, these days.

Even when the sun shines the wind is too cold to walk the dog. I can stand it because I'm covered from head to toe but he's not as hairy as he used to be. With allergies all last summer, the hair on his belly and chest is a lot thinner than normal so he gets cold easily. He wears a coat but in -28C, it is too cold. So, with that, we took him for a drive today instead and enjoyed a hot chocolate while he enjoyed a treat and snoozed on the back seat. Now, he feels like he's been somewhere. 

Taken on a warmer day.
This is his favorite run through the bush

We are caring for a friend's doggy named Helma. Some of you have met her before. She is a gentle- natured, sweetie-pie of a German Shepherd who we visit throughout the day and evening while her dad travels for two days. When I get home, Kane, who's not very dog-friendly, gives me the once-over and looks at me with sheer disgust on his face. Then I show him cheese and we are fine again.
Here is a photo of Helma taken last summer. Her yard is over an acre and she guards it like any shepherd would.

hugs, Deb


  1. That is way, way, way too cold for me. Sierra is such a pretty kitty and Helma is beautiful! Sending warm wishes to you and Kane for warmer walking weather very soon. Tammy

  2. My father's dog loved to go for rides. She always had to ride in the cab of the truck, though. He said she wasn't smart enough to stay in the truck bed.

    Here's hoping you have some warmer weather soon.

  3. really nice blog i think you should take part in best blog competition photographs and pictures of sun

  4. If it weren't for the chickens, I don't think I'd venture out of the house at all this week. Losing hydro for five hours yesterday, in my neck of the woods, must have been terrible for anyone without a fireplace or woodstove.

  5. I thought it was cold here!! Sierra is gorgeous, I love it when they snuggle like that. Glad Kane forgave you for smelling of Helma, love Steph

  6. We are loving our little snow here in England, only a few inches. And only in short bursts. The cats are sleeping curled up!
    ~ Minerva

  7. In front of and behind the fire has been most popular here,we've even placed a portable radiator where the cats like to hang to keep the little tinkers warm.
    Jane x

  8. I love Sierra's paws! I want to just touch the sweet, velvety feet. It is very cold here (Syracuse NY) Single digits and below zero (Fahrenheit). I have been acting like a hibernating woodchuck for several days now. My dogs always act like I have been unfaithful to them when I come home smelling of other canines. The looks they can give are truly funny. Who says dogs (and cats) don't have emotions?!

  9. I know for me, not being able to get out would be miserable, but when my daughter tells me how cold it is back east, I think like Sierra, I'd find a sunny spot and curl up too, XOXO

  10. It's been chilly here in Georgia, but I can't imagine just how cold you get where you live...burr! Charlie has been cuddling up closer to me at night. It's a combo of cold and missing Mr Toes!
    hugs, Linda

  11. It has been bitter cold here too! We still go for our walks but I am covered head to toe, Mogul doesn't seem to notice the cold his fur is so thick. Sending warm hugs!

  12. I love that you took Kane for a ride so he felt like he got out! I am sure he loved it!
    Lily, WA, USA

  13. Helma's beautiful!

    Sierra looks so peaceful when she sleeps...

    And yes, it's been quite cold enough as of late.