Monday, January 21, 2013

Brushing, bonding and looking back.

It is -20 today and will stay at that temperature for awhile. The nights are even colder. If you don't wear proper clothing while outside, such as mittens and a hat, you look ridiculous.

I am just back from cat-sitting. One of the best ways to bond with cats is to groom them,  if they like it. This gorgeous cat turns into mush when I bring out the brush. She rolls and purrs and makes biscuits in the air (a motion cats make by pushing in and out with their paws). This behaviour is uniquely feline and is accompanied by contented purring. When a cat does that, it means it feels safe. She loves grooming time and butts my hand when I stop. She is such a pleasure to spend time with.
It doesn't hurt to have award-winning eyes and a personality to match. Oh yes, and extra toes.
She won't stay still for a photo. She just rolls and rolls.
"Smile, Indy"
Looking through some pictures I came across this one of Audrey the day she opened her eyes.
I brought three kittens, along with their mother, home from the shelter when the kittens were three days old.
At ten days,  Audrey was the first to open her eyes. Even at that age, she was raring to go. She wasn't the boldest of the three but she did get herself into many predicaments. She was the first to climb the curtains, only to hang there and scream. When I rescued her, she turned around and went straight back up. She hung on with one leg and screamed bloody murder. The curtain was put away. I should have known then what I know now about Audrey.
(6 months)
As a kitten, Audrey loved to hang out in the dining-room with me. She still does. I was sure that I soon would be 'fondly remembering' many of my dishes as they, one by one, became victim to her shenanigans. But, to this day, this monkey, has never broken a dish. Is there such a thing as 'feline dishaholics'?

hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely photos ! Our Harley loves to be groomed she purrs even louder then normal and pops her butt in the air then lays on her side and rubs all over the place it's funny ! Have a good day !

  2. Our big clumsy Maine Coon boy would fall off chairs,stairs,beds.... anything, but could tip toe through breakables like a shadow.
    Jane x

  3. Oh Deb,
    Indy even has extra toes?! Oh... if she ever needs a home - I am available! We adopted a 7 year old cat named Oranges who was a major "fisher" as he sat on our laps being petted. His feet were huge and he would stick them off of our laps and make big, waving motions like he was fishing. I loved that sweet little lamb. So, making "biscuits" is one of my fave kitty things.
    Audrey was too cute to begin with... your heart, or ours, never had a chance.
    Stay warm!
    Lily, WA, USA

  4. That is such a pretty white cat! I love when cats make 'biscuits'. That Audrey, yep you should have know, and yes I think she respects your dishes! hugs, Linda

  5. Sweet Praline loved to be brushed and would come running to me when I pulled it out and start purring. Truffle and Brulee are still "kitties-in-training" with grooming and getting a little better each day.

  6. I've heard of extra toe cats. That one is pretty!

    And Audrey's just a lovely kitty!

  7. Maybe Audrey is reincarnated from a lovely dish loving women! I love brushing Rosie and I know it's what has made her feel this is her home, XOXO

  8. Debbie, your kitties and those you care for are very fortunate to have you in their feline lives!
    I have learned so much from your blog posts..
    Thank you...