Thursday, January 17, 2013

Well worth the drive

A 2 hour and 40 minute drive brought us to the Valleyfield Shelter today.
(a woman who volunteers every single day)
There were many cats wandering around the cat room enjoying the affections of possible adopters & volunteers.

I was so impressed right from the get-go at this little shelter and the staff were wonderful.
Both Adopted

3 in this photo adopted

A woman who tirelessly works for the welfare of home-less cats. Shelly is introducing herself to a shy gal named Maw who is still in need of a home.

This one loved the dripping tap and played in the sink all day.

We spent over an hour there playing with and getting to know the cats. I had a few moments to talk with one of the staff and she told me that the city had recently placed a limitation on the number of cats they could house. They had over 200 cats there and were given until the end of January to bring their numbers down to 100 cats. Since then, they have changed the date to the end of February. This is not something that this shelter is taking lightly. They know that many more than 100 cats at a time need their shelter and the city is being very unrealistic. They brought no options, just demands.  They will fight this limitation and we will have to wait to see how it turns out. But, the staff are trying their best to find homes quickly so they have waived the adoption fee until the deadline. Adoption forms have to be filled out and only the spayed or neutered cats are free for now.

The shelter is working hard to get all the cats spayed and neutered.
Crates brought in to load up.

We saw many cats leave with their new owners and the media arrived to do another article on the shelter. We loaded up 7 gorgeous cats, one with an amputated tail, to bring back to our area to their new homes. With the dedication and hard work of  local cat-lovers, hopefully there will be more adoptions of these cats to homes in our area in the weeks to come.
                           On his way to his new home.

The staff are working so hard for these cats and every one deserves a loving home.  I wish them luck in the days to come.

hugs, Deb


  1. I wish them luck too! The kitties are so cute and healthy. I hope they find a lot of people to adopt them!

  2. They are all so sweet and I can understand why it would be a great job being a cat sitter, love the work you do for the kitties...

  3. The situation is horrifying but the efforts of everyone involved in rescuing and finding homes is really inspirational! Good luck to them.


    Deb, you are amazing...
    I wish I could join in rescue too.
    Pity the whole North Atlantic Ocean sits in between me and you.

    In the meantime I'm taking on more and more stray cat's around my own neighbourhood; somehow taking care of cats is catchy.



  5. What great folks, and we are glad that some of the pussycats got their furrever homes. That last one sure is a cutie.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  6. That is so sweet and I hope the shelter will do well in finding home for these wonderful critters. It makes you want to cry.


  7. Our two girls came from a shelter - they were supposed to be feral cats, outdoor cats. They have proved themselves to be the sweetest, softest, most loving twosome I could have wished for. They just needed love and time.
    I hope the shelter manages to find good homes.

  8. Gosh ~ I sure hoep the city changes it's mind about the numbers. So many sweet kitties! I hope many loving homes are found!
    xo Catherine

  9. Lots of dedication going on in that and other shelters Deb ! good trip for you it seemed to be.

  10. Inspiring. I sure hope the city changes its mind. Whatever are they thinking??!! (Love the Five oclock Tea on your side bar).

  11. The little one in the sink would fit in perfectly here.
    They're all so beautiful! How cruel of the city to change the limitation and not grandfather in the cats
    already in the shelter's care.
    Thank you, Deb, for all you do for kittys.

    1. It seems so extreme and without thought for the city to make this demand on the shelter. The shelter isn't the problem ; it is the irresponsible pet owners. That is the REAL problem that needs to be addressed. But of course WE all know that!!Argh! So glad you are helping Deb and that some of these cats are getting a chance at the good life :)

      the critters in the cottage xo

  12. I wish them luck also! Such sweet kitties. Deb you are such a great role model for us cat lovers!
    hugs, Linda

  13. That looks like such a wonderful shelter for the cats. I wish I could adopt them all! I hope the shelter can find homes for them.

    1. They feel very positive that they will find homes for them all. There is another trip planned from our town in February to bring back more. I will have an update then and post it. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

  14. Purrs and prayers for all the homeless kitties. Thanks for your role in helping them find their furever homes. You are an angel.
    xo Beth

  15. Bureaucrats and their red tape and their ridiculous laws just make me so angry and frustrated. I know all the efforts of the staff and volunteers will just send out waves of positive loving energy and people will come to adopt. These cats are all of them precious and important. It's heartbreaking to think of those who might not get helped. I am sorry I live too far away to help.

  16. Thank you so much Deb for all you do to help out with your work through shelters, feeding ferals and your own adoptions. I was glad to hear you made the trip safely and brought back 7 with you. I will be keeping them all in my prayers for new homes and very good happy and healthy lives.
    Lily, WA, USA

  17. They're beautiful cats, and the place looks like it's run well.

  18. Quebec is THE WORST province for this sort of nonsense. Don't get me going. I learned too much in the years I lived there. THere needs to be a LOT of education on pet care and ownership. This shelter is doing great work and the city is idiotic to be halving the number of cats they can take in. ARGH!!! Don't get me going... ;)

    The cats are beautiful, healthy, and obviously well cared-for. Kudos to the workers and volunteers.

    1. The problem is Natalie that the numbers will just climb again unless they turn people away. They are so upset about this. I would like the guys who sit at their desks and make these idiotic decisions to be present when cats have to be euthanized because they have no-where to go. It makes me sick.

  19. Thanks for all you and the shelter does for these poor kitties . I hope they all get a forever loving home !