Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mixin' and Matchin'

After our usual play-time this morning,  Audrey spotted a shadow from a passing car on the ceiling.
She'll follow that around until her tummy rumbles then she'll high-tail it to the kitchen to see if she can mooch some grub.
It's a normal part of her day.

Having tea is a normal part of my day

and today I played around with some tea-cups with similar saucers.
I like to mix and match them.
These cups look good with either saucer.

This is why I don't mind buying an orphaned cup. I always find a saucer that looks just fine with it.

I tried this tea
in this cup.
"Holy Catfish...was it ever good."  I added 1/2 tsp. of honey.
On this dull, rainy day, tea tastes even better. The wood-stove is fired-up and the kitties are snoozin'.
Mr. Ed

I'm off to kitty-sit tuxies and tabbies.
Tomorrow I have some kitties-in-windows for you.

I'll be joining two of my favorite blogs today.
Sandi at for HOME and
hugs, Deb


  1. I hope you will link up your post to "Friends Sharing Tea" with that pretty cup and saucer. The cake is really sweet - I think I would prefer a Cream Cheese type icing next time as it has a layer of raspberry jam and a layer of lemon curd inside!

  2. Lovely photos ! I am having a cup of tea now soo good I just like my Tetley not a fan of flavored teas . Have a good day !

  3. I like your mix and match teacups and saucers. Hug those kitties for me! I'm so happy to have both my furry boys home!

  4. Isn't it funny how our kitties can rule our day? :)
    I love your tea cups. I love to mix and match too.


  5. I like to mix my saucers and cups so the patterns don't match but colours harmonize. The look is sort of edgy Victorian , if you can imagine. I am sure Alice, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter would feel wonderfully at home at my table.
    Please kiss Ed for me. I love him so!

  6. Your teacups are so beautiful, Deb. You take such good care of the kitties - what a loving heart you have! :-)

  7. So pretty. I love your sweet tea cups.

    Jocelyn @

  8. Aah, Mr Ed....looks just like our old Tio.
    Jane x

  9. Dear Deb,
    Your rose teacups are beautiful. I love the design and the teacups and saucers look lovely together. Your tea sounds delish!
    Have a wonderful day! Your furbabes are adorable!

  10. Mixing and Matching is fun! Stash has really pulled out all the stops recently. I haven't had a "flavor" I didn't like! Ack! :D :D

  11. They look lovely mismatched. Take care and enjoy your evening, Jen

  12. I would love to come for tea...I'll bring some treats, XOXO

  13. tea and kitties, what could be better, thanks so much for coming by, just joined you as a follower!!

  14. so cozy
    ear scritches to my favorite boy, Mr. Ed =)

  15. Hi Deb,
    Your kitties are so cute and I love that they all have different personalities. I like to have my tea too, as you know. Your mismatched cups and saucers are perfect .What pretty sets they make. Thank you my friend for joining me at my HOME. I'm sorry I'm late visiting. You wouldn't believe the day I've had! Have a wonderful weekend with those fur babies!


  16. Love those cups and saucers. You see, we share the same addiction - Hi. My name is Jean. I'm a dishaholic.

  17. Tea is one of life's great pleasures.

    With lots of sugar.