Sunday, January 20, 2013

Family breakfast while the cold winds blow

Well, the temperature has plummeted and we are heading into a deep-freeze again. It took an extra tug to open the car door tonight before leaving to feed the ferals. I put dry down, canned on top and then covered it with lots of dry again, in a covered area, out of the wind . This will keep the soft food insulated for awhile but not for long.  I call them before getting back in the car but I'm not really sure if that brings them out. It's a big guessing game as they can be anywhere.

I have two homes where I am caring for cats this weekend. Both are single cats that need a lot of attention and I'm glad I have the extra time for them. 

Auntie Jess and Riley
The family were here for breakfast. It's always so nice to have them all home together. After the last of the coffee was drunk and the company left, I gathered up the items Riley likes to place here and there. I always find small things in odd places after she leaves. She's a real little re-arranger.
She told me this morning, "Nan, I love your cupboards." Now, she doesn't really mean the actual 'cupboards'; what she means is what she finds inside these cupboards. After saying that, she opened her fist and showed me the chocolates that she found in a container, in the cupboard, that just happened to be eye level for an almost three year old treasure hunter. She cracks me up.

Bradley is so cute now as he notices everything going on around him.
Gramps is showing him a fish in a plastic bubble.

He'll be four months old soon.
Bets are on he ends up with curls.

The weather report for the coming week is very cold and it will be hovering around -15.
We are in the bleak mid-winter.

hugs, Deb


  1. It's turned cold in the South, too, but no where near as cold as you have.

  2. Yes it is very cold here to ! Lovely photos . Glad all had a wonderful breakfast together . Have a good evening and stay cozy !

  3. Baby, it's cold at your house! What a great time you must have had with your family and that little man is so cute.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Your babies are so cute! :-) My mom always placed surprises around her house for my daughter and she still remembers it! The funny thing is that I have her furniture and my little 3 year old grandson goes right for those same drawers! They must be magic! :-) Stay warm!...hugs...Debbie

  5. Your family are so sweet, and nice for you all to gather together for breakfast. Super cold there - we hope you are all warm and toasty.

    We are sitting here with the doors open, and it is a balmy 20 degrees. Not too hot, just nice.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  6. Stay warm! Those Grands are the cutest things! Bradley is growing so fast!
    hugs, Linda

  7. In the bleak mid winter.....that's a beautiful verse at least.

    I laughed at Riley...she sounds too cute.

    Stay warm...and I am so glad you are feeding those poor cats, you know that I mean the outdoor ones...the lucky ones are inside.


  8. It doesn't seem like four months since Bradley was born! The cold winds were terrible this weekend and how lucky you had the family home and all cosy together.

  9. Oh your grandchildren are so cute. It will be interesting to see if your grandson does have curls! Breakfast together sounds lovely.

    Do you feed many feral cats? Have you discovered they do indeed find the food you put out for them? Bless you for this.

    1. Yes, Kathy I do know they get the food. I see the tracks in the snow and these are cats that have been fed in the same area for years. I took this over from another woman who injured her leg and was unable to continue.

  10. Riley and Bradley are so cute =)
    It is going to be bitterly cold here, too.

  11. Not too bleak though when you are surrounded by so much cuteness and love!
    We hope those feral cats discover all the food you so kindly leave for them and then get back to somewhere warm where they "hole up" out of the cold.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. We have it cold and snow but yours sound much colder. Stay snug.. Glad you are able to feed the kitties and I bet it does not last long before its all gone. I love those little cuties.. Great pics.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. I think something is wrong with the calendars...FOUR MONTHS OLD??
    Jane x