Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It rained today and was mild for a winter day in Ontario. The squirrels and birds were all a flutter.
Otis watching the squirrels jump from tree to tree.
Buddy watched a Chickadee land.
Chase was eying the mailman. (Eying being the correct spelling but it looks very odd.)
Bud and Chase...the mighty hunters.

and our sun-worshiper,  Sierra
She was drinking it up while it lasted.

My little brown tea-pot, which holds two small cups,  was a gift from South Korea.

Here's a little tea etiquette... First and foremost never hold your cup with your pinkie finger extended.  This is improper and in most social settings is considered rude. You also look silly unless you are a three year old girl. Place your index finger into the handle of the cup up to the knuckle while placing your thumb on the top of the handle to secure the cup. The bottom of the handle should then rest on your third finger. The fourth and fifth fingers should curve back towards your wrist.

So there you have it. Now, go have some tea and hide the pinkie.
hugs, Deb


  1. Brrr.. it still look cold there. We dont have any seasons here. So its sunny 365 a year, except for the monsoon and we get lots of rain year end. Now, its back to sunny days and it average at 32celcius...sometimes even more. Despite the cold, the kitties look very cosy at home. I love the tea etiquite, definitely no pinkie sticking out...but I have seen some people having 3 fingers sticking out too haha :) Happy weekend soon for you and your lovely beautiful cats :)

  2. That sweet, little teapot would be wonderful for green tea!

  3. I want one of those window !
    Every pawson see lots of things. It's Magic !

  4. Cats are so much fun to watch, especially when they are watching birds. I love the way you captured sunlight oh-so delicately on Sierra's fur.

    So, no sticking out or up pinkie while drinking tea...O.K. This is good to know.( not that I stick my pinkie out or anything )

  5. Window watching here first thing in the morning ... the buffet goes out for the birds and the squirrels. The kitties are just as excited about the buffet as the outdoor wildlife. Love the brown teapot. Unfortunately, my pinkie lives in a world of its own -- comes and goes as it pleases! :D :D

  6. Too much etiquette around tea...I'll stick with coffee!
    Jane x

    1. This made me laugh. I say, drink you tea standing on your head, if you wish. :)

  7. I'll have to practice that technique with a cuppa this afternoon! Love the cat in the window--that's where Rosie likes to perch herself to watch the birds too!

  8. Hi friends, we came back!!!
    Beautiful photos, like ever!!!!

  9. I think a cat in the window is the coziest thing ever. And it seems all the cats, my kittens included, get that particular stance, the same pose, as they ogle birds or squirrels or whatever grabs their attention.

    p.s. I agree "eying" just does not look right.

  10. Do they bird chatter? Thomas and Tinker chatter, Thomas however, will chatter if you ask him to.It was so windy here in Bucks County all the wildlife are huddled under cover. Hopefully Phil the groundhog will not see his shadow this time for we are looking forward to spring=^Y^=

  11. They do love the window...don't they? Mine mumbles to himself and shudders with his mouth all bunched and whiskers forward. The vet said it's good for them and not frustrating, so...we let Tinker get on with it! Glad you got your T shirt and enjoy!

  12. I learned that it's easier to hold my teacup with a little support from my pinkie finger.

    I use the word eying a lot and it always looks wrong... English language looks wrong all over.

    I am trying to make a video of Pout birdwatching, he gets so excited and puts his head and ears down and tried to peek over the window sill so the birds won't see him.

  13. A different looking tea cup!

    The cats do love staring outside. So much to see, but so very cold out there....