Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thinking 'outside the drawer'

The first time I saw cutlery displayed in a ceramic jar was at my friend, Christine's  home, many years ago. Instantly, I noticed it and liked how it looked. My cutlery was kept in a kitchen drawer at home.  Everyone I knew  kept cutlery tucked away in a drawer so seeing it displayed on a counter looked nice but odd to me. Chris told me that her mom always kept her forks & spoons on display in cups and jars when she was growing up. She figured it was an 'English' thing.  For some reason, I loved it. While we would sit around the kitchen I would study the designs and markings on the cutlery and realized then that I really loved the look of it. The sun would come through the window and hit the silver in a way that would illuminate it's charm. It seemed a shame to hide these beauties.
So, I started displaying my spoons in the kitchen and dining-room in containers.

 For weeks, the retired-guy would go to the cutlery drawer to find a spoon and stand there with a lost look on his face. "Why aren't there any spoons here?  Why are the spoons over there? They should be in the drawer, shouldn't they?"
(I don't have a photo of his distraught look so I'll use one of Audrey's.)

                                                               Hmmm...not quite.

Ya..that's it. Perfect.

"Why do you do this stuff all the time? It makes me crazy."
 Poor guy.
Old habits die hard.
He's ok now.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love Audrey's expressions! My guy does not like change either. Must be a male thing.

  2. I love how you displayed the spoons! It looks casual and laid back but so pretty :) I think I'll try it!

  3. I change things so often he does not get a chance to remember where things go, so if he does the dishes for me he will leave the clean things on the sink, cause he doesn't remember where they are supposed to

  4. Oh, the stories I could tell about my guy!

  5. Brilliant expression! Cutlery idea is great, it also saves time by not having to open a drawer and fish around inside for a spoon.

    (Oh dear I just used the word 'fish'. In my house if I say the word 'fish' I get 5 cats charging at me from every corner, but as I've written it I should be OK!)

    Linda xx

  6. No, they don't like change, but it is good to keep them on their toes!

  7. Audrey's expression is perfect. My ex used to say that he looked twice before sitting down when he came home from work. He never knew where the furniture would be because I changed it around so much!
    Never thought about putting my special spoons out. Hmmm..wonder where they are?

  8. I never saw that in the UK,except in quaint little tea shops.
    Jane x

  9. What a sweet look for the spoons! Oh yes changing things around makes me happy, the Mr, not so much! Audrey does have the BEST expressions! Hugs, Linda

  10. Love those pics.. I keep my cutlery in a holder non show and think it is a English thing.. Hugs GJ xx

  11. Good Evening Deb, Yes I keep my cutlery in jugs aswell, but I don't think traditionally it is English. All my family and friends keep their cutlery in drawers. I will have to check when I go to my sewing group and see what they say.
    My husband is exactly the same, he hates change. If I change anything, he keeps putting the item back in the original place, I then move it back to where it now lives and so it goes on until he gives in!

  12. HI Deb! Oh, I love the cutlery in containers. I thought the ones I've seen were just special forks and spoons. I really like the idea of keeping every day ones out like that. Now I'll have to find a container. Look at your kitty and what a face! I love your header.
    Thank sfor popping in to see me.
    Be a weetie,
    shelia ;)

  13. LOL! My husband is the same way...when I decide to try a new arrangement or a new way of doing things, he is completely thrown out of his element. Love the "grumpy" look of Audrey. I have been keeping all my silverware in a wooden box-type container on the counter for a long time. I finally have my hubby trained!! (snort)

  14. Audrey's expression is priceless!

    My mother only puts the small spoons for stirring tea or coffee into cups. Everything else goes into a drawer.