Sunday, January 6, 2013

A plea and TOO MUCH SNOW

First off, there is a plea for help at the Valleyfield SPCA (west of Montreal, Que.) for people to adopt cats from their over-crowded shelter.  There are 150 cats that need to be adopted before the end of January.  Pease read.... If you are close by and can help, please contact them.

It has snowed all day today.
Audrey was mesmerized by it all until a cat-nap took over. I look at her and I think how lucky all the cats who have good, warm loving homes are. If she only knew. Well, maybe she does because she shows her love to me every day in her own crazy way.

I'm playing again, and not with a cat, although I do have company.
Sierra is my shadow today. 

She looks a little ticked here but I think it's because she keeps missing the mailman. Or maybe he's under all that snow...I don't know.

I'm doing some tweaking today. Blue and white china is a favorite of mine so it seems obvious that seeing it may get me out of my winter slump.
I used to only collect tea-pots. I have branched out.

The driving here is insane. Nothing can keep you from getting to those cats that are in your care so the retired-guy is helping me out, once again. The highways are ok; it's the back country roads and the un-shovelled drive-ways that kill you. Hopefully, everyone will be ploughed out by morning.

I have a lot to consider now, with 2013 upon us, and I do my best thinking outside, moving forward. I have to get back to my long walks regularly. I do miss the sun, though, and that's what gives me the winter blues. If I could,  I would go south for 3 months like my brother Joe just did. A well-planned life he has. But, no money for that as we have plans for 2013 that will take care of most of ours. But to ease our move and help the rest of the family move forward with all their hopes and dreams, I would just once love to win a lottery.

Downton Abbey tonight on PBS. Be there.
I'm joining Sandy at for Tea-time Tuesday and Tweak it Tuesday at
hugs, Deb


  1. Oh my - here we are sweltering in the southern hemisphere while you are freezing. Keep warm and cosy and enjoy snuggling on the couch watching Downton.

    Of to visit Miss Pops in the cat hospital.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. That white stuff makes us cold. If you ever come down South to visit, please come see us.

    Good luck in 2013.

  3. Sierra,my's the weekend... (a) mailman will be back tomorrow...just work your charms.
    Jane x

  4. Deb, I always get the winter blues and I will sure miss going to San Diego this winter but money needed for other things here too. We don't even have snow or rain yet and I'm already feeling it. How pretty is all your blue and white, that should take a little edge off. I will have to start playing with mine..Happy Sunday..Judy

  5. So much snow! I think of all the sweet furry babies with no homes and I wish I could do more! Stay warm. Hugs, Linda

  6. Is there a thing as too much snow? We still haven't had any this winter and my camera is crying because of it! I keep thinking of all those poor cats in animal shelters too, should we take on another? It's a balancing act as mine are all seniors and I don't want to stress them... Sierra does look intensely vexed!!! And I am possibly the only person in the UK who has never watched Downton Abbey! I prefer the Danish subtitled dramas we get like Borgen, and The Killing and The Bridge. Sounds like you have an exciting 2013 ahead, hope it all goes well for you and the kitties. x

  7. Could you pop some of that snow into a big box and send some here, Deb? We need some relief from the heat and the raging fires we have around us. Thanks. Sue

  8. Downton Abbey is on my PVR, too late for my bedtime....

    The cats, my heart would so love to adopt one, two, more...but the allergist is already threatening me...what a predicament, a cat lover who is terribly allergic to them.

    Snow, we have lots, but obviously not as much as you do...I bet those furry ones just meow for joy when you come through the door, and I am so glad that your husband is helping you out.


  9. I'm happy today because Downton Abbey began:-D But, I think even that much snow would make a smile turn upside down! I wish I lived close by to adopt some of those kitties and hope your plea is heard by some warmhearted people, XOXO

  10. I hope those cats get a chance at being adopted.It's good to get the word out.Our paws are crossed for them!

    We get the winter blues too with a huge lack of sun here in Vancouver but the key is to keep moving! Some times we fail miserably but better days pop up that keep us going :)

    What did you think of Shirley Maclaine in Downtown Abbey? We thought she didn't fit in at all...

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

  11. Winning the lottery would be fun, wouldn't it?
    We had a little snow while we were away. Hubby is out shoveling right now to clear the walks and tidy up.

    So many kitties looking for a lovely home; hope they find one!
    I love your blue and white china; always so fresh and pretty. Thank you, Deb, for joining me for tea today. It's always lovely to hear from you. Happy New Year, my friend.


  12. Sierra is so cute! The roads sound treacherous - be careful out there!

  13. The snow looks pretty through the window, but I know that too much of a good thing can be not so good : )
    Sierra is beautiful!
    Your tea cups on the hutch look like a magazine! So beautiful! Each blue and white cup so lovely with the old white hutch.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  14. Love your charming cupboard and all of your blue and white china. Beautiful! We have a lot of snow right now too.

    Susan and Bentley

  15. The snow looks lovely, but I know it is a pain to get around. Stay warm and safe. I love your blue and white. Your cupboard is looking good -- as is Sierra! I'm a little late getting around. Bad weather here. UGH.