Thursday, January 31, 2013

Free Bates

I walked in to my kitty-clients' home this morning to find them both with pressed noses against the window while seven squirrels dined on the bird-seed that had fallen from the bird-feeder. They were ecstatic and making that joyful chirping noise that cats make when they are about to pounce on prey. Then, they turned, saw me and came tearing over to welcome me as they always do when I arrive. Two tabby brothers. I've cared for them, while their owner travels for business, for years now.  They prance around their food dish while I measure out their dinner and get so excited that they topple over each other. When I'm about to leave, we have a little ritual where I give them treats on the stairs. As I'm getting my coat on, they run to the stairway and sit on a step in anticipation of their 'dessert'.   They flash me that 'innocent' look. They love the routine and I love them.
Buddy and Chase

I laughed at some of the comments on 'tea etiquette'.  I love reading all the 'tea-rules' but I follow none of them. I say..."Drink tea standing on your head, if you wish." It's tea...the nectar of the gods and we should all enjoy it thoroughly any way we please.
Well, within reason.
I received a new shirt today; a t-shirt, that is. It was from a give-away at Antiques and Tea-cups blog I won weeks ago. If you have not met Ruth, do drop by for a fun visit. I was thrilled to win this as I am a big Downton Abbey fan and one of my favorite characters is Mr. Bates. And yes, I want him freed since I feel he is innocent and well...'cause he's cute. :)
So, thank you Ruth for the t-shirt. I will wear it proudly and wait patiently to see Mr. Bates back in the arms of Anna.

"Cut it out, Audrey. I'm not going to look any better upside-down."
"You're right."
hugs, Deb


  1. Seeing the cats staring out the window makes me want to ask you a question. My two cats that are about 8 months old stare out the window all day and cry and shoot out the door everytime it is opened. I feel like I spend half my time running out to get them. I really want them to be inside only cats. Any suggestions?

  2. I see that Audacious Audrey is being as audacious as ever!
    Jane x

  3. I've heard of that T shirt but never seen one. Fun! We love Bates too. That tea shot? Yikes!

  4. Oh totally cute little kitties...I wish we had more, and what a fun routine.

    Yes FREE BATES! I hope that they do...after all they owe us for killing off Sybil.


  5. Gorgeous kitties, I agree just drink tea how you like it, maybe noy upside down tho' perhaps Audrey was waiting for hers? LOL She is a gorgeous girl, love Steph

  6. the only rule -- enjoy your tea drinking ... fun post ... always nice to see the furbabes in your life and visit with audacious audrey!

  7. gorgeous kitties...and I must confess ...I am addicted to tea...have to go and pop the kettle on...bye for now ! Gail x

  8. I would love a cup of tea =)
    Those tabby brothers sound like real characters ♥

  9. So glad I discovered your blog from your comment on Bernideen's. Cats and tea and white china - we have sooo much in common! And, of course, Bates and all things Downton Abbey.

  10. Drinking tea straight from the kettle--yikes! I'm still on the fence whether Bates is innocent or not, but I am still reeling over the loss of Sybil...that one really hit home. Love the t-shirt though and upside-down Audrey!

  11. Tea and cats: Perfect together and meant to be loved and enjoyed without bounds.

  12. I love those tabby brothers.
    Great, but scary graphic of the fellow pouring boiling water into is tea-bag mouth!!
    That t-shirt is a definite "must-have", lol!! Free Bates!!!!!

  13. Darling...all of it....LOVE the shirt....they must have Bates back at Downton.....soon!

  14. I feel completely out of my element with Downton fans... despite writing a blog about it a couple weeks back.

    Audrey looks entirely adorable, as ever.

    And the two kitties must have been thinking, "Oh, please let us go out and run and jump in the snow and play!"