Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seriously, Audrey?

Well, Audrey outdid me again.
 I hunted high and low for a proper box for m'lady only to have it shunned after the first day of use.

 She is now back in the 'mouse bed' and rather enjoying it, I might add.


                               She loves to pull one over's her reason for living.

Now that I have picked myself up and dusted myself off, I want to mention another new tea I tried.
Very nice if you love the peach taste. I added honey and that made it a winner with me.

Now, how do I ruffle Miss Audrey's feathers so she knows who really wears the 'thumbs' in this house?
I carry her around. She hates her feet to be off the ground and tolerates it for 5 seconds.

hugs, Deb


  1. Further proof that some cats love to look uncomfortable just to watch you try and fix it for them! Maeve hates to be held and her face looks exactly like Audrey's as she endures it.

  2. Audrey is so funny! Sometimes you just can't guess what cats will like. They always surprise me!

    That tea sounds yummy! I've never had a peach tea and I think it would be delicious.

  3. She's a spunky one! I used to have a cat like that. At first Bogie didn't even like to be petted. I started just stroking his head once when I would pass by him. Slowly it became two pets, then three pets, etc. He never became a lap cat, but I loved him in the way he wanted to be loved.

  4. What a beautiful colour Audrey has! She looks like a very stylish cat :-)!

    Madelief x

  5. Pippa has a knack of pushing her foot into the throat of anyone who picks her up...don't tell Audrey!
    Jane x

  6. LOVE those photos! And yes! That's a wonderful tea! One of our Dad's favorites. Purrs...

  7. Oh she is a little minx for sure! Love that face. Charlie hates to be carried. He is such a nice guy and tolerates as long as he can but his paws are stretched for that floor as much as he can. Hugs, Linda

  8. Audrey is so special and cute!


  9. What a cheeky monkey. Good on you Deb, show her who is boss.

  10. She is adorable, so much character. I must find these teas you speak about, wonder if they sell them in England? x

  11. What a goof. My Hunter used to hang out of the bed too, so I got him a bigger one and he never used it. Guess they just like to stretch sometimes!

  12. But she is such a pretty Brat! Is that Stash tea? I'm really liking the Stash tea I've been finding at Ross. Yum!

  13. I think Audrey has brought being a "Brat" into a new level of artistic endeavor.

  14. Very fun photos! And another tea I would like to try! Hugs!

  15. I love that pic of Sierra in your new header! Yes, Audrey is cute too (of course). But that one eye of Sierra's is just so full of mischief. Has she been hanging around you-know-who too much?


  16. Hehe, I have to put my top-cat, Tungsten, in her place once in while, too. I hold her like a baby, which, to my annoyance, isn't working like it used to. She actually doesn't mind it so much these days.

  17. Well... and I always thought that only my cats are spoiled rotten... hihihihiiii....
    They want something they get it and then, suddenly it's of no importance anymore!???!???...

    Love the new banner b.t.w.! ;-)



  18. Neither of my cats like to be picked up. They love attention and love to join me in the recliner, though!

  19. I have to laff as neither Clyde (our plushie grey boneless one) or Miss Jack (the rather rotund Tuxie) like being lifted up. I swear they are just afraid of heights or something. It totally cracks me up how fast they can go from purring till they drool to instantly stiff and quiet as soon as they feel the hands start to move into 'lift off' position.