Thursday, January 3, 2013

With a D it was meant to be

It is so cold tonight Kane kept eyeing the litter box just around his pee time. I opened the door for him to go out in the yard (that's walk tonight) and he just looked at me like I had been indulging in cat-nip all night. He went straight to the couch and once in position, crossed his legs. Now I wait until he can't hold it and hope it is not 2 in the morning.

I'm already longing for Spring.

I'm still very busy with cat-sitting as more and more people are waking up and saying "I'm outta here..." and off they go South. I am back to caring for 8 wonderful cats again.

One of my most beautiful gifts at Christmas was this little chain and pendant.

The pendant is made from a silver spoon and has a D engraved on it. My oldest daughter saw them in a shop in Almonte and bought herself one last Fall. I remarked that I liked it so at Christmas she thought she would get me one. She went back to the shop, saw that there were many there but decided to think on it before purchasing it. On another shopping day, she returned to look at them again. There was one left and it had a D engraved on it. Like she said, "there was no thinking about it now. It was meant for mom". And mom loves it.
Off to cat-sit. Is this not a beautiful face?

I'm posting this today because I worry about cats that are out in the elements right now. If you are caring for an out-door stray cat and  need ideas to keep it warm for the winter please pop over to Hilary's blog at
She is caring for 2 strays and will show you how she keeps them toasty warm this winter.

hugs, Deb


  1. Gorgeous necklace,Deb.
    I managed to drag myself away from the cat's eyes for just a moment!
    Jane x

  2. You got a sweet daughter , Deb
    and the pendant looks beauty unique ( especially with da kitty paws..tee..heh )

  3. I love the necklace, was meant for you and that is a sweet face on one of your "clients". XOXO

  4. Deb that necklace was meant for you!! Beautiful cat and oh so cold out. So glad Mr Toes is inside now and sleeping on my bed. Not sure where he was last winter, just glad he found us!

    hugs, Linda

  5. aw, thanks Deb.

    I saw a vendor at a local farmer's market this past summer, and that is what he did, made things from old silverware. Love the necklace.

  6. Truffle and Brulee did much better with our cat sitter this time. Truffle even let her groom her a little bit.

  7. That necklace definitely needed to find it's home with you!

  8. Yes, the necklace was just waiting for you. My cats are snuggled in the sofa near the wood stove. It is pretty cold outside, and a toasty warm fire in the stove is what draws the cats and our 3 dogs to all smush together on the dog bed in front of it.

  9. Yes a beautiful face. I would love to cat and dog sit for other people in their own home, but I can't leave my own cats for too long. Thought I would be able to do it soon, when my oldies had gone, but what did I do? Take on a couple of new young ladies. Ah well, I have a friend who will help me out if needed.

  10. Poor Kane. What a dear old fellow. Maybe you could get those dog wee wee pads for him to use when the weather is very harsh.
    Give him a hug from us.