Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And I'm going to the country, Sunshine smile on me

The morning started with breakfast and a check on Helma, the German Shepherd. She is doing fine and was happy to take her biscuits and head back outside to guard her property before I left. I had country cats today to get to. No sooner had I left our little town I heard these words belted out from the back seat of my car. My dog can really sing.

Look out the window, what do I see?
Cows hangin' out under spreading trees.
Zoom! They're gone behind the sign
White letters pointing to the long white line
and I'm going to the country
O, la la la la la
I'm going to the country
Sunshine smile on me

I can smell the grass growing in the field
Wind in my hair tells me how it feels
Farm house, silver roof flashing by
Tractor-trailer truck says goodbye with a sigh
And I'm going to the country
O, la la la la la
I'm going to the country
Sunshine smile on me

Birds singing, I'm singing in my bones
Doesn't much matter now where I'm going
Get it when I get there is what I'll do
If I get enough I'll give some to you
And I'm going to the country
O, happy as can be
I'm going to the country
Sunshine smile on me 

Now Kane is a town dog but like all dogs he loves to chase and sniff and dig and roll and climb and...well, you get the picture. So when he sees our car is heading to the country,  he is one happy dog.
Today was a very busy day with cat-sitting in the country, cat-sitting in the town and vet visits. After spoiling the daylights out of resident cats I ran around the property with Kane. 

He loves to chase the chippies and imagine in his pea-brain head that he actually caught one. I don't worry about Kane chasing anything. We had a squirrel in our yard that, while being chased by my dog, stood up, turned and was ready to defend itself. My dog immediately braked, gasped, looked dumb-founded and ran for the house. Now, really...would you worry about this dog? I only hope no other dog was witness to that episode.

But he sure had fun today.

And look who was watching from the window. 
Why, I have myself a Cat in Window to show-off. "Hi, Buddy. Gosh, I love that cat." The ribbon is to warn birds of the window.

Next stop, Dominique's  for a grooming session.

Then off to care for Puff who is way too pretty to be a boy and looks precious in pink.

 It's fish & chip night again. That is my weekly indulgence. Wish I had stocks in that place.

Hope you had a great day and YOU had some sun. None here.

hugs, Deb


  1. {Slobber} Ooh, that fish and chips looks good, and finished off in style with a Guinness :)
    You are so privileged to make a living from taking care of all the pets, and such good care you take of them !

  2. I an going to have to teach my dogs that song, all they know is That Doggie In The Window~ LOL Come say hi :D

  3. What a great post. I love the country too and don't get there nearly as often as I'd like. What a fun day you had.

  4. Looks like the day was a great success and I am glad yiou enjoyed it. Hugs Gj x

  5. OH my, the fish and chips look great. And Guinness, my favourite. We have a fish and chip shop in COrnwall that I love (run by Brits.)

    Looks like a perfect day out for a dog!

  6. I think I want your job. This post made it look way too fun.

  7. Sounds like a fantastic Wednesday.
    Glad Kane has such a terrific time!
    Do you know about the jazz nights on Thursday at St James Gate?
    Enjoy this sunshine.

  8. Great tune, great fish and great smile that I think I actually can see on Kane's face !! He looks sooo happy running there. Wish I could let my 10 yr old son loose with him LOL!!!