Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's talk tails

I'm planning a herb garden this summer. The ones I have so far are being kept inside at night and on the deck during the day if it is sunny
It will be May 24th before I put them in the ground. I pondered having them in pots so I could move them around but I think I like the idea of a little raised garden for them.
Some will be for cooking and some will be for tea. Someone is wondering where the catnip is.
"Is that catnip?"
There will be some Lily,  not to worry.
The next week will be busy with cleaning up from the winter and preparing the yard for flowers.

Tails to tell
Molly, one of my client's cats, has a beautiful tail. She doesn't mind me brushing it either.
If the tail is curved gently downward, then curved up again at the tip:
The cat is relaxed and comfortable. 

If the tail is erect, but tip is tilted over, either forward or back:
The cat is very interested and feeling friendly.
My Ginny & Mr. Ed
My Cali

If the tail is erect with whole length or tip quivering gently:
The cat is showing affection.

If the tail is swishing vigorously from side to side:
The cat is angry.*

Maggie (1992-2010)

If the tail is arched and bristled:
The cat may attack if further provoked.

Early visits with Molly, Bud, Didi & Emmi and then off for coffee with friends and it's not even Friday. Yeah!

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, love the tails you tell!

  2. One of my favorite things - and there are too many to type in this small space - about cats is the language of their tail. It's almost worth provoking Hank to see what his tail will tell me back. But I never provoke him. Not to much anyway. A little teasing here and there but that's all. And he's quick to win the game.

  3. I love cat tails! Very expressive! I have some catnip that survived last winter and I'm amazed.

  4. I often call Gypsy the cat with the question-mark tail! It's such a clever little happy look!

  5. I never like to see my cats threatened by each other but, I must admit, I love seeing them make " big tail". Even th pencil tails fluff to 3 times their size. Just amazing!

  6. Kitties really do say a lot with their tails!
    I planted plenty of catmint (nepita) for the beautiful blue flowers, but my cats have no interest, whatsoever, in it. They just HAVE to be different from everyone else.