Friday, May 13, 2011

Feline Friday (Cats I kitty-sit)

Today I am featuring Lucky & Guinness who live with Addy who lives under the bed.
That's right....even I can't get her to come out unless I leave the room. No pictures of her today.

Lucky is one lucky kitty, indeed. She was a feral kitten who was scooped up by a caring family and now she lives with Guinness & Addy.  She is a cautious little tabby......
 but this shy girl came around by the second visit.

She's pretty, isn't she? She is a tabby and would be considered a Golden Tabby. Do you see the M on her forehead? All tabby cats have an 'M' on their forehead. It is just a natural marking. There are many legends as to why this mark is there and if you are interested, just google 'M' on cats. does not stand for 'Meow'.
Here is her side-kick Guinness. If you even need a pick-me-up you need to spend an hour with this guy. He would be very cheap therapy. He's just a bundle of love with a goofy expression.
"A Guinness? I'll have one"
Much of my visit I am lying horizontal on the floor chatting it up with Addy who wants nothing to do with me. I have offered treats, showed her some fabulous,  fun toys, sat quietly and waited and even sung to her. She didn't like that. Today I just rambled on about nothing and batted my eyes at her. She gave me a look of "Someone shoot me" I left.

It's been a great week full of kitty-sittin'.

Hugs, Deb


  1. she is adorable!! I know what the "M" means (but I will make everyone look it up!) lol...I guess my Angel Bobo used to be a "golden" tabby or maybe a brown tabby?
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I say again you have a fabulous job and look at those gorgeous eyes watching you.. I have a letter M on my head too.. Hugs GJ x

  3. Oh they are both such cuties. And I am with GJ - you are so lucky to have such a wonderful job!

  4. We bet that Addy will come around sooner or later. We don't see how she can resist your loving care. The photo of Lucky peeping over the red and white stripes is just precious. Goodness, those amazing eyes! And we'll have a Guinness with handsome Guinness any day! Love meeting the kitties.

  5. I love coming here for my cat fix. SUch beautiful kitties, and that first picture is a hoot!

  6. I love that you share your pics and that your blog community can see what I see every day!

    When we arrived home Lucky came racing down the stairs and almost took a double take when she saw Iain and not you!! It made us both laugh.