Monday, May 30, 2011

Lily look-alike and Cat tip for the day

It was so hot today that the only walk that would include the dog would be in the bush. Now I don't mind walking around our friendly town at night alone with the dog but I will not go into the bush for fear of wolves. They have been spotted so that's all it takes with me. So, that being said, I brought my wolf-slayer, Gary along for the walk. He is off today practicing for when he retires in a month. Big changes coming.
                                                  Kane is having a drink here.

I love the back bushes especially the one behind the grave-yard where we daily walk our dog. So green, so full of life right now, so cool in the shade.

Lily of the Valley
Kane of the Woods

On my earlier walk this morning I came across a look-alike Lily cat.

 You would have sworn this was my cat. Even the personality was identical. I had to stop and pet her and we had a little chat. I think she was locked out of her house 'til the owners came home from work 'cause she wanted attention badly. She offered me her belly so I guess I was all that and a bag of chips.

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Cat Dens
Our Mr. Ed is deaf and toothless so we can't let him out in the yard like the other cats in case he wanders off. My plan is to purchase one of these cat dens for him once all life calms down after John's wedding.  There are some nice models but we just want something simple that he can sit in and enjoy the grass under his paws. I want to enhance his kitty life for his remaining years and I think this will be the ticket. We adopted Ed at the age of 20 years. He came into the local shelter with 46 other cats from a seizure and the family of the woman who had to give them up said she had him for 20 years. If that is true, he is now 22 and going strong. When I picked up Ed at the shelter he looked like this...
He was near death from starvation. All his ribs and bones were showing. He was very depressed and sick. My heart broke for him and I did nothing but work on bringing his health back. The other cats were very kind to him as they knew he was not well and certainly no threat to them. Within a month he gained weight and seemed much happier. He just needed good food and lots of loving care. By three months he was fine. My heart is so full of love for this ol' man. I want him to go on forever. I hope he ends up in the Guinness Book of Records.

Hugs, Deb


  1. I think Mr. Ed would LOVE to go outdoors for a sniff and a snooze! The enclosures look perfect. As for White Kitty, they all seem to be outgoing. It must be in the whitester genome.

  2. I love Mr Ed! What a grand ole man! I think a grassy outdoor space would make him very happy! hugs, Linda

  3. Could you send some of your 'hot' to your friends out West Deb? It's been cold and rainy here for days!

    Isn't it always so wonderful to see a kitty soaking in the sunshine. That Lily look-a-like is adorable! And how sweet are the kitties curled up on the couch together ~ very cute!

    xo Catherine

  4. Makes my heart sing with joy thinking of this beautiful cat being loved and brought back from almost dying.
    Your area is so beautiful...... the trees and flowers....
    That's the sweetest picture of your 3 kitty's sleeping together.

  5. Ed is a blessed cat to have you. Walking in the woods is a real pleasure, especially when the sun is shining hot! Have a great day!

  6. Wonderful photos, I esp. love "Kane of the Woods."

  7. I'm sitting here with tears I'm my eyes! I love your Ed but did not know his backstory. What a treasure he is. I hope he gets a chance to feel the soft, green grass on his little feet. But as long as he has you to love him, his loge will be complete.

    I rescued a 21 year old from a horrible "shelter". He lived another 1 1/2 years with lots of medical treatment. He LOVED his life! He loved people! His death was hard but had he lived for only one month , knowing him would have made it all worth while!

  8. Oh Deb, that story touches my heart so much. From the squeeze in my throat for you upon seeing your lovely Lily look alike to Mr. Ed's harrowing story of perserverence and your obvious adoration of his lovely spirit.

    Great post, thanks!

  9. Mr. Ed is SO HANDSOME!! What a wonderful job you did nursing him back to health.

    Our "Cat Den" is five years old now and still as good as new. We're really pleased with the quality.

    I love the photo of your three snuggling on the couch. :)