Thursday, May 19, 2011


I dug out a few oldies this morning. It was good therapy.

These photos were taken when Ginny first came to live with us. Her original owner had passed away and she needed to find another home. I know it was over 10 years ago because the old wooden floors in this old house were ripped out and replaced with tile.

Gin loved to play with her little mouse once she gathered the courage to come out from hiding and join the family. She had the sweetest nature and was 9 pounds of beauty. I loved her little 'button' in the second photo.

Thank you everyone who left a comment last night. You are all very kind.

hugs, Deb


  1. Ginny was a delightful cat who took good care of you. I can see why you will miss her immensely. I hope the other cats step up their love-giving. Meanwhile, my heart hurts for your loss.

  2. Such sweet pics and wonderful memories of a loving girl. Blessings on you today Deb. hugs, Linda

  3. Oh we are so sorry about Gin leaving you to go to the bridge. We know it is so hard when our kitty friends have to leave us. Those are beautiful pictures of her - she was such a sweet girl. We are sending over lots of comforting purrs and prayers!

  4. Pictures are such a blessing. She was beautiful!

  5. Oh no, I see what's coming. I missed your prior post. Gotta go read it.

  6. Beautiful photo's and yes it would have been good therapy. So sad at your loss and send hugs.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Aw Deb, I'm so very sorry to hear about Ginny. But I feel so pleased to know that she found the most loving and understanding home she could ever have hoped after having had a home already once in her life. That takes so much commitment. Thanks for sharing those beautiful images.
    I really truly feel for and with you.
    ♡ Joan

  8. Such a sweet button! I imagine she used it to keep her fur suit on...lovely photos and memories of Gin today. Thanks!
    Hang in there, Trish xx

  9. Great pics! I love that last one of her playing with her mouse.