Monday, May 30, 2011


The evening was warm and because of distant fire-works the dog stayed behind as I went for my last walk of the day. He wouldn't budge. I tried to get him to come along but he has such a fear of that unknown sound that he will not leave the house. So I went alone.
My mind was racing as I walked. I thought about the wedding coming up and went over what was left to do. I felt a tinge of sadness thinking of how my kids have grown and left the nest.
 How did this happen so fast? I wondered what is next in life. I thought about someone who I consider a friend who is going through a hard time today and will for awhile. Her life turned upside-down. I know that change can be so exhilarating and yet it can be so frightening. I want her to be ok and happy again. I want her to know I care. I want her to know that while she walks down this road with her head held high, nothing will surprise her more than her own strength.

On a warm night like tonight the air is thick with the scent of lilacs everywhere. I think heaven might smell like this. I came across many cats running about on the sidewalks and streets. Are they owned by anyone or are they looking for food at night when it is safe to roam? I stopped to pet one and she was very friendly and rolled on the sidewalk. This one was chubby and obviously well looked after. Another, not so much. He walked past me and never gave me a look. He was thin and scruffy. I only wish I had had some food with me. I think I'll keep an eye out for him next time and bring him something to eat.

Our porch light was on when I returned and Sierra sat by the bench.

She likes to people watch and smell the lilacs, too. Before we went in for the night, I sat with her for awhile and thought again about change.

I have lost loved ones and that changes you. I have lost 5 of my cats to illness in old age in the last 5 years. It's been hard to lose them. They meant so much to me. Change sometimes can be so hard. 

But then to lighten the post remember this silly quote....
"Some people have cats and yet go on to lead normal lives." ;-)

Hugs, Deb


  1. Have you heard the Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times"? Change IS hard, but usually good.

  2. Beautiful. The light on is so welcoming to anyone or little kitty that might come along.
    I too have lost many family members and many cats along the way. My Cloe that went with a fox I think I cried for a month. I have her photo framed where I can see it and I still think of her often. How I miss her .

  3. Change is difficult, but also part of our life experience.

    Your front porch looks so welcoming, and the hanging basket is beautiful!!

  4. I am so pleased to have found you! I, too, am absolutely besotted with cats, and also have lost 5 in the last 5 years. It is so hard to let them go, even though you know you must.
    We have 3 (lost darling Clarence 3 weeks ago) so I guess we have an opening now. We also have one dog.
    Your porch looks so inviting! I think I must follow you!

  5. What an inviting home! But after reading your blog, we would expect nothing else. For better or worse, life is change. Things here are in a state of flux. I wake up at night and am filled with that unsettled feeling of "what now".
    What now, indeed.

  6. Julie says she wishes she had read your post earlier, while it was still daylight. It would have inspired a walk and its accompanying thoughts and reflections, too.

    A lovely post and as always, a joy to visit.

    Hugs, Tom & Julie

  7. Oh I just love how you nurse'd the kitty back to health. 22 Wow! I hope he has 22 more. Now that would be a record.