Tuesday, May 3, 2011

lighter shoulders and wet cats

I just lost 100 my shoulders. I found the MOG dress for my son's wedding. It's getting close and I was all a panic. I can relax and stay focused on life in general. But I need shoes, a bag, jewellery...oh dear!

When you care for cats all day you tend to live in jeans and loose clothing. I'm on the floor a lot playing with felines and my daily duties are not worthy of a pulled-together classy look. I don't particularly want to drop my silver bracelets into the litter box or get cat food on my pashmina. So, it has been a nice change getting out there with all the glamorous and try on some beautiful clothing. I could get used to this.

It's raining AGAIN! My rain-boots are now at the door and winter boots went straight to the trash. I got 3 years out of them so no complaints.  It's so nice to think that winter is behind us and it will only get better for the next 5 months. But I wish it would stop raining for awhile. Tonight while putting food down for the ferals one of them was under a truck looking a little damp. He wanted to be first in line. I expect once his tummy was full he would find a dry spot to stay the night. There are many buildings around the area and I know they have their spots that act as shelter.  There has been no sign of the grey cat I spotted last Wednesday. I have left food but it is not being eaten. There are just too many homeless cats around these parts.
Buddy is over his shyness and now gives me his belly for a brushing. I just love this guy.

hugs, Deb


  1. I wish I could give them all a home. Buddy's eyes are so pretty. We finally are getting some nice it! ;D

  2. Well done on finding an outfit. I am a bit like that too, living in jeans and tops, and finding clothes for formal events is quite stressful. I am sure it will all come together.

    Julie Q

  3. Aww that kitten is so cute. So happy you found a dress. M hates all that shopping and trying stuff on. It will be a special day for you.

  4. Such a relief to find that dress. When I found my MOB dress the rest (shoes, purse, etc) just fell into place~ I live in jeans and tshirts so I understand.

  5. Aunty Deb,
    Can't wait to see your MOG outfit. Oooh...Buddy looks sooooo handsome! purrr....meow!

  6. Hooray for finding a dress! Hope we get to see photos! :)
    xo Catherine

  7. Anxious to see your MOG dress and accessories when you have them!! Buddy was well worth the wait he is a handsome fellow and if I lived in Canada I would sooooooo take that little kitty!!!

  8. Buddy is so gorgeous! And those mezmerizing eyes! I think I've fallen in love.
    Hurrah for your MOG dress! Buying a dressy dress sends chills down my spine, it does.
    Was a huge consumer of luxury goods when I was younger. Not at all, now. I would find it so daunting to have to select a dress for this important of an occasion let alone selecting all the proper accessories. Good show.

    Dear sweet kitty! We'll pray for a loving home for her. Of course if we were not so far away, the loving home would be with us.

  9. More beautiful kitties. And glad you found a MOG dress! Hope to see a pic of you in it. :)

  10. Yay! MOG dress found. Do tell us what color and style???