Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cali meets Herb

"Hello Cali. Are you here to help with some gardening?"

"I see you planted some tickley stuff for our pleasure, Deb"
        "What the h*ll is that? Gary...Gary, is that you...but shorter?"

It's good to ruffle their feathers once in awhile. All the mess in the garden is from our trees. There is stuff flying off them in this wind. It is so beautiful today and after cat-sitting I went straight to the nursery to pick out some flowers.

" Aren't these welcoming? 2 for the front door."
I was so in love with them I forgot to ask what they are. 
So if you know, please share. It's really windy so I couldn't get a sharp photo with my little Canon digital. 
Hope you are having a warm & sunny day. I hear it is staying so bring it on.

hugs, Deb


  1. The pink looks like a small petunia.

  2. Such pretty flowers. I don't know what they are either....I always have to keep the tags so I can tell what my plants are! Cali is cute talking to the Gnome!

  3. I love the flowers, perfect by the front door! Love the pretty kitty too..sweet company. ;D

  4. Beautiful flowers. I think I do know what the pink ones are called, but the name escapes me. They resemble petunias, but I don't believe that's what they are.

  5. That is a beautiful hanging pot! The pink flowers are called Million Bells and the white ones are white lobelia. I love your gnome in with the herbs, so cute! And how is it that you can have ferns growing in Canada?

  6. Love this post! You are so funny, Deb. Cali's comment about the gnome is adorable!