Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little house-work done today

I stopped by the spot where I feed the ferals early today to see if the food had been eaten. It has been raining buckets here and I know they hide out at times like that. Looks like hunger won out and they came out anyway. I found a nice dry spot to leave lots of dry food, a variety of kinds, and hope now that they can eat without getting wet. There is a crow that sits and waits now for me, too. Same crow every night. He sits on top of one of the trucks in the same spot waiting patiently. He knows the car and loves to be first at the food. They are very smart birds but lets just hope he doesn't brag to his buddies.

At home, Ed  loves to be brushed. We have many types of combs and brushes for the cats but his favorite tool to give him the perfect massage is a bottle brush. It started out a joke to use it on him and then we realized he loved it. No need to spend a lot of money on this cat. It has been added to the box of brushes. .
"A little to the left, Gar"
If you want to get anything done at our house........don't sit down with Lily close by. She's my velcro kitty. 
(Miss Happy Face)
House-work will have to wait awhile. But, I am drinking lots of water these days so I gotta go.....................

hugs, Deb


  1. Dear Deb, Just wonder all white cat are vocal ?
    Because Around my area, we got white cat, and he always talk really loud, My mom can heard him from inside the house.

    Any how, Both of them look so cute. And please have a nice day

  2. A bottle brush! Who would have thought? Maybe I'll get one.

  3. I hope your rain stops soon! We could actually use some rain ~ but oh my I wish we could get rid of this crazy wind!! I'm glad you are looking after all those feral kitties. Oh you have a big heart Deb!

    I love your velcro kitty! :)
    xo Catherine

  4. hee hee! I use a toothbrush for a cat-chin-scratcher!

  5. Deb, your kitties are so lucky to have you pamper them. Ed and Lily are both beautiful..uh sorry, Ed.. handsome,
    Hope your week is a good one,

  6. I love the idea of a bottle brush =) Winston's favorite brush is the zoom groom brush. Before that brush, my fingers were constantly being nipped!
    Lily is so adorable.