Saturday, May 28, 2011

You've got mail

It's such a nice thing to have a package arrive in the mail for you. I think we all enjoy that. I knew I had won a very special give-away last week from Sharon at and today Sierra was all excited at the front door when the mailman left the package. She always gives our mailman kitty kisses and he is so in love with her. Today he got a few extra. 

I love to write notes and send cards to friends so you can imagine how happy I was to win this give-away. Just take a look at these beautiful cards. Oooo la la!

sending me a kitty who'da thunk it.
Is your birthday coming up? I want to know.You might get this from a crazy cat lady.

 Thank you so much Sharon. These are just adorable. I will really enjoy sending these off to very special people in my life.  Drop by and visit with this most-talented lady, Sharon and meet her darling corgis. 

My favorite tea at night is Sleepy Tyme tea. After steeping a pot I add a few leaves of lemon balm to give it even more amazing flavour.

Then I add 1/2 a teaspoon of organic honey. MMM.....mmm. I have been growing lemon balm in a pot in the house for years.
I have now added some to the little herb garden in the back yard. It's a must if you want to grow some tea herbs.

I have a full weekend of cat-sitting. Some of the cats I haven't seen for ages so I am excited to visit them. I always give them a hug when I arrive and another before I leave and tell them that they are 'one of the lucky ones' to have a wonderful home and loving owners. There are so many that sit in shelters and have no one who REALLY cares for them. We just have to get the message out, LOUD & CLEAR, to spay or neuter your cat. It saves lives.

Enjoy your day & maybe start a herb garden.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love how Sierra waits for the mailman! Cute cards~my birthday is in June!! Enjoy your weekend Deb.

  2. Great post. I wish we could get all the oomans to spay and neuter the animals. It sure would but down on the homless population sitting in the shelters.

  3. Awww !!!! I love your new look of the blog : )
    so beautiful !!!!!
    And all cards are so cute
    Have a wonderful weekend , Deb

  4. I love my herb garden, and the lemon balm self-seeds like crazy. And I have got to get you a jar of my honey this year!