Saturday, May 14, 2011

One man's use for the dining-room

A gift from gramps for his favorite grand-daughter's first birthday. He just put this together and thought the best place to take a photo would be on top of the dining-room table. He wanted the right light.
"Makes a man."
He and his motorcycle buddies named their group the 'Radio Flyers' many years ago. They are a bunch of grey-haired radio inspectors that get together for 'rides' every once in awhile and they all work for Industry Canada. Kept them out of trouble. 
"Watch for them and stay out of their way."

While kitty-sittin',  I was staring out one of my client's picture windows and noticed this little fella getting refuge from the rain.
 My favorite bird...the Chickadee. I always want to hold them in my hand. I remember as a kid writing an essay on the Black-capped Chickadee and collecting bird cards from a tea company that added them to every box of tea. I can't remember the company but it probably was one of the reasons I became a big-time tea drinker. I wanted more bird cards. I called them my T-birds.  I was so clever then :-}

It's going to rain for 3 days.
The cats don't care but Kane is on the couch with his four feet in the air. I think he croaked when that news came over the radio. Poor dog!

hugs, Deb


  1. Cats just take everything in stride and sleep.

  2. Chickadees are my favorite too, they just have such cute little faces. It's raining here crazy! I think cats have the right idea! ;D

  3. ha ha ha! My husband and yours must be brothers.

    My fave birds are chickadees and Blue Jays, they are both so smart and silly. I miss both of 'em here in the desert!

  4. Hey, everyone has got to do something! I'll help with the napping!

  5. I became a big tea drinker because I wanted to collect the tiny porcelain animals that you could get. I think it was Red Rose Tea. Never got that many but became a life long tea addict.

  6. Je viens souvent voir votre blog ! Il est très bien !Moi aussi , j'adore les chats ...

  7. Wishing we'd get some of your rain!
    Love the sweet picture of the the kitty with his/her paw over the face.... so cute!

  8. I love that little wagon.
    Wonderful Chickadee. I find they move so fast.
    Love your kitties.

  9. Hi! I just found your blog and I think you're my kindred spirit living in Toronto! We have 3 rescue cats (the best) and are looking for a rescue golden retriever. Isn't life with cats just sweeter? Yours are darling. Love your kitchen helper!
    Please come by my blog and say Hi. I actually do have two of my cats pictured in the last couple of posts. We have a tonkinese with beautiful blue eyes too.
    So good to "meet" you!