Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feline Friday=^..^=Meet Butch

Meet a monkey in a cat suit.... Butch. His full name is Butch Pussy....oooookay!

He was impossible to photograph...never stops running around.
He belongs to a neighbour who is also a dog breeder. He is the only cat in the house and he rules it. Just look at this guy,  yah! he rules. I love the face on this breed. They always looks pensive. I think he looks like ET.  He puts the dogs in their place if they get too rough with him. *BAFF!*  Butch is a Devon Rex. Here's a bit about them...The first Devon was discovered by Beryl Cox in BuckfastleighDevon, UK in 1960 amongst a litter of kittens near a disused tin mine. The breed was initially thought to be linked with the Cornish Rex; however, test mating proved otherwise. Cats have three types of hair: guard hair,awn hair, and down hair. The Devon Rex's coat is unusual because there is little guard hair (seeCornish Rex and Sphynx for more information on hair-deficient genetics in cats).
The typical Devon is active, mischievous, playful, and very people-oriented. They are a very intelligent breed; the typical Devon Rex can be trained to walk on a leash, fetch or perform all manner of tricks usually associated with canines, like jump, heel and tag to name a few.

This guy lives with many (and I mean many) Peekanese dogs. Can you imagine the fun that goes on in that house!

I hope I get to kitty-sit him again sometime when the Peek's are in show.

MOG Dress   *check* (that would be Mother of Groom just in case you thought I meant MOGGY which is a British term for cat.   Just thought I'd mention that.)
heels (oh God help me)   *check* 
a bag too small to carry a tissue   *check*
grey gone  *check*
jewellery.....* half check*  just earrings left and  I want them BIG.

I just may be ready.

hugs, Deb 


  1. Butch is a cutie and I bet fun to watch him rule those dogs! So glad the MOG check list is going along so well!

  2. Thanks for checking my blog out and commenting! We have 3 cats (big cat lovers over here) I will love coming back here. What a great job you have everyday!!

  3. I love it! I absolutely love your blog and cats! You are one of my favourites!
    McGuffy's Reader

  4. Only thing that builds more character is bathing suit shopping! I had to remind myself to redress and walk calmly toward the door when I really just wanted to drop everything and flee. Haven't worn a swim suit in years but want to start exercising.
    Butch does have the most amazing face, doesn't he! Poor little fellow! All of those wound up happy dogs. It must be so sad never to see another like yourself.
    You lead such an interesting, fulfilling life. We adore your blog.