Monday, May 2, 2011

late-bloomer but happy nonetheless

The lady on the other end of the phone went quiet when I worked out in my head what a visit to her home for cat-care would be. She needed 2 visits a day and was in downtown Ottawa. I get calls all the time for care in the city and I would love to be available for them but the cost of gas at this time is through the roof and it all has to be calculated into the cost of each visit. What this tells me is that we need a good in-home cat-sitter in the city of Ottawa. If anyone is providing that service and is reading this blog, please contact me so I can find out what type of service you provide and then I may be able to pass your name to them. Or...if you are thinking you may want to start up a new business there is obviously a need for this service.
Many pet-sitting services will care for your cat but put more time and effort into caring for clients' dogs. They may not understand cats very well and may not want to bother learning about them,  either. You need someone who loves to spend quality time with cats and understands how they respond to things. A real cat-lover takes the time to get to know your cat through play, grooming and a gentle touch.
In no time, a bond has been formed and the cat will relax and look forward to the care-givers visits.

If you love cats and want to spend most of your day with them then perhaps this is the job for you. I am finally doing what I love and I have never enjoyed my days as much as I do now. I'm a late-bloomer when it comes to finding my 'passion' but I always knew it was to work with cats and learn all that I could about them. There wasn't a job waiting..I had to create it and thankfully it's growing everyday.

hugs, Deb


  1. I wonder how many cat sitters there you know? I am glad you found the very thing you love. You would laugh but the other day I shaved my very long haired cat. I do this every summer (she is an inside cat only) she totally relaxes and lets me do it, she acts like she loves it and after she will roll and roll and comes right back to me for amazes me! ;D

  2. We love you Aunty Deb!

    Guiness,Addy and Lucky

    PS Momma says she will drop our key off to you Friday =^..^=

  3. Finding a good in-home pet sitter isn't easy. We were super lucky to find the one we have. She's been coming to our house for 15 years and really took it hard when we had to send Misty OTRB. She loved her too. Good in-home pet sitters are not easy to find. Bless you for being willing to help another one get started.

  4. You have the best job in the world!

  5. I can't even imagine all the peace if mind you give your kitty families in knowing that such a knowledgable and loving cat person is looking after their babies!!!!

    Keep up the excellent work Deb!
    xo Catherine

  6. I agree with Ronna - you have the best job in the world. I too love cats and have been thinking for a while now that I would love to do what you do...but don't think I could help you with your calls from Ottowa as I live in California! I really like reading your blog and seeing all the pictures of your cats and the ones you care for.

    Good for you for finding your passion!!

  7. I would love to be an in home cat sitter - I have to admit I am so jealous of your job! I wish I could join you up there and do it, but I am also a bit too far away (in Illinois). Whoever does will be very lucky!

  8. Your business card is the cutest ever -- I love the graphics -- you had a good designer! I'll tell you, I am lucky to have a good cat sitter, but I wish you were closer too! I don't know if you'd put mine to shame but you would certainly give her a run for her money! Probably a tie!

  9. I will share this and hopefully maybe someone in that area will start a cat service. It is fun and rewarding but a lot of hard work (as you know better than anyone!) The hard part for me would be to leave the kitties!

  10. You're the best!!! I love how you love nature...dogs...cats.... children!

    I'm blessed that my best friend loves my animals as much as I love them..... I'm going away for the weekend, and she'll be here to give my girls a lot of love.